Phantom in the Mist

In the midst of all the talk about not making idols out of political alliances, or American Exceptionalism, or the American Way, or the Republican party, or Conservative principles, Evangelicals ignore many things.

They ignore the fact that we do not live in a vacuum.

I know I’ve written about this recently, (“Polarization” in the Church? – February 19, 2022) but I just wanted to cover one more related point.

That the spiritual, unseen world spills over into the physical world.

It is impossible to prevent that.

Changing the Rules of the Game

It is foolishness to believe that we cannot see evil around us. Showing up in very tangible forms. 

But we are told that this isn’t occurring. 

For example, popular Christian writers claim that there are more ways to fight abortion than those which the Conservatives and the Republicans have been doing for a generation. They claim that our legislation against the killing of the unborn in the womb or the killing of the recently born has not worked. And therefore, we should be open to other ways of solving the problem. 

Especially open to the Liberal, Progressive ways. 

This whole line of argument behind this is surreal. 

What better way is there to stop murder than to increase the penalties against it?

Undoubtedly, many women will still choose to murder their own unborn children. Regardless of the public outcry or the laws passed to prevent them from doing so. 

But what kind of social or political idea is better than putting fear into someone to not do a blatantly evil thing?

The real problem here is not that legislation against abortion isn’t working; the problem is that the human heart is wicked. And it always has been. 

But what compounds this problem is that Christian leaders are trying to make the case that the Conservative “litmus test” for politicians should no longer be their stand against abortion. But that the test should now be their stand on social-justice issues. 

But why are they really saying all this?

Ignoring Obvious Evil

The answer is that the Conservative position against abortion is about the only one left still calling abortion “murder”. The Liberals no longer do. 

They call abortion “the right of a woman to choose”. 

Abortion is one of those examples where a clear distinction can be seen between good and evil in our society. It is clearly murder and it always will be.

It is one of those things which demands a position. Which demands one be accountable for their acceptance or rejection of it. 

But Evangelicals are looking for a way to avoid this accountability.

They are constantly looking for ways to fit into the culture. To appease the culture.

Even while pastors preach on verses telling us not to be conformed to the world. While they are busy conforming to the world. 

And the only way they can do this is to steer the church away from emphasis on those things that are clearly evil. And focus on those things that they believe Christians can embrace in the culture.

As in emphasizing the positive things and steering away from the negative. By preaching a more positive gospel. And criticizing the world less.  

Specifically, to emphasize those things which they share in common with the growing Liberal, Progressive culture. Which is where the youth and the youth leadership are leaning today. 

A Mythical, Neutral, Spiritual Place

To recap, this is about the Evangelical church trying to position itself into some kind of neutral place where they don’t appear to take a firm stance against abortion, or homosexuality, or government theft (called Socialism).

So that they will have a more effective ministry to the culture. 

So that their message of “the gospel” will not be rejected by the culture outright. So that they can blend in and make alliances with and make fellowship with the world as they try to win the world to Christ.  

In all of this, there is a basic denial of the realities of spiritual life. That the raging warfare between good and evil in the spiritual realm, between Christ and Satan, is clearly evident in our physical world. 

Granted, those lines of distinction are not always clear. Evil people can always pretend to hold a good position while using that position to gain more power. And more influence. And more control. 

But to deny that there are some things that are obviously evil. And to deny that we can’t discern what is right and what is wrong in the culture, and in our churches, is just stupid. 

It is utter foolishness. 

But that is what is going on today. As our leadership tolerates more and more of the Liberal, Progressive lies that are making evil more acceptable to our congregations

Image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay