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February 2020

Sick of Love: Conclusion – The Great Excuse

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Under the Banner of Love

I am sick of “love” being used as an excuse for the church to do whatever new things they decide to do.

Or using “love” to justify whatever changes they want to make. Or to justify their association with unbiblical religious or secular organizations . Or to justify their obsession with being “relevant” to whomever.

“Love” has become the great excuse of the modern Evangelical church.

It is the banner under which all manner of questionable things are marched into the church.

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Sick of Love

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I am sick of hearing about love.

Yep, pretty much fed up with it.

It’s not that I don’t love people; I just don’t always like them. Which are two different things.

But to really love someone is the Lord’s doing. Which is what His Spirit creates within us as He reaches out to those that we come in contact with. But that love is not about some gooey, mushy feeling of creamy mellowness toward other people.

It’s about caring for the eternal well-being of those around us.

Now, I know, as I get older and crankier, I have less patience with people. And sometimes I can be irritating to those around me. As my wife, my family, and my friends will confirm. As I gradually become the curmudgeon I never wanted to be.

However, the real problem is that “love” has become cheap.

Or, to put it another way, it has been cheapened by being so commonly used as the reason or the justification for every cause under the sun. Being used so often that it’s in danger of meaning nothing.

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The Creator of Spiritual Fruit: Conclusion

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False Identification

In concluding this discussion of good works, there is a very dangerous deception having increasing influence in the Evangelical world.

It involves the confusion created when Evangelical leaders praise deeply religious people who have given their lives to help the poor, to fight for social justice, or to work with orphans, the sick, or the outcasts of society.

Just to be clear, the problem is not about giving credit to those whose work has been of great benefit to others. Nor about praising them for work they have done at great cost to themselves.

All of us can certainly recognize and be grateful to those who have helped other people.

However, this specifically relates to the identification of deeply religious people as great Christian examples based upon their good works; while these same people continue to hold to a spiritual belief that denies salvation by Christ alone, by faith alone, according to the scriptures alone.

For all practical purposes, these people are commonly being embraced as Christians based upon their outward show of good works rather than the specific truths they claim to believe about Jesus Christ and the word of God.

In doing this, we send a confused message to false religious leaders, to those who follow them, to the watching world, and to undiscerning believers. 

And we communicate a gospel that is in direct contradiction to the true gospel of faith alone in Christ alone.

And we give a false hope of salvation to those who are not trusting in the finished work of Jesus Christ as their only basis of eternal life.

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The Creator of Spiritual Fruit

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This only would I learn of you, received ye the Spirit by the works of the law, or by the hearing of faith? having begun in the Spirit, are ye now made perfect by the flesh?” (Galatians 3:2-5)

We can talk about the Holy Spirit all day long. We can read verses about the Holy Spirit as well. We can even read great books about the Holy Spirit.

But, unless we are brought to that place of seeing our dire need, as believers, for His continual work in our lives, He will simply remain an abstract idea to us.

Yes, we may see how He is necessary for our salvation. And even as someone who greatly influences our good behavior. And who gives us power to do good things.

But, practically speaking, we may still attempt to produce the works of God through our own dedication and will power. By the focused discipline of our own Christian flesh. Employing all kinds of methods and practices to bring our flesh under control.

Instead of patiently depending on the creation of His works in us.

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