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October 2022

The Gospel is Not All Sweetness and Light

Mountain Treacherous Climbers

Not a long post here today.

I’ve been working on a front porch project for the last couple months. And now I’m finding myself trying to get it done before the snow flies.

Fall is in full swing here in Ohio. And some parts of the country are already getting hit with unseasonably early snow.

So, some of my other “To Be Continued … ” posts are taking me a lot longer to complete as I try to get this project finished.

But, in the meantime, I’m watching as so many critical and serious things are happening which are affecting our country and our world. Seriously dangerous things.

And I’m also seeing serious problems increasing in our churches. Especially relating to the way that the gospel is presented to the lost.

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Everyone is Religious: Part 2 – The Lord Cares About the Doctrines We Believe

Faith scrabble word

The corrupting influence of Progressive Christianity is spreading today because of the seeds of spiritual compromise sown back in the early 1900s. By the early “pioneers” of the Evangelical movement.

As a consequence, virtually every Evangelical church that exists today is, adheres to doctrines that are no different, at their core, than those held by the religious, unbelieving world.

Most of these beliefs flow from a single, basic doctrinal error that is clearly condemned in the scriptures – condemned not simply once or twice but consistently throughout the Bible.

A doctrine warned against at the very beginning of the scriptures as well as at the very end.

Even condemned by the Lord Himself.

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