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October 2020

The End of Evangelical Backbone

Wolf in Sheep Clothing

There is a popular teaching floating around in Evangelical circles.

It says that Christians are actually Exiles in America; as well as Exiles in the world.

But this not yet true for Americans. We actually still have a voice.

We still have a right to make our voices heard.

And we still have a duty to make our voices heard.

However, do we still have the backbone to stand upon truth?


Will we just go along with the political and spiritual flow of the age?

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Old Heresy, New Names

Little fox

The church is under attack from within. 

The names of our enemies are new, but their methods aren’t.

The old Social Gospel is back. The error which has corrupted the mainline Protestant denominations and Catholicism, is now being served up, in a new way, to the Evangelical church.

This error has been carefully repackaged to seduce the younger leaders and younger people away from the saving gospel of Christ. And away from the sound teaching and preaching of the word of God. 

Instead, it is moving them toward a false gospel of good works and earth-centered activism. Engaging them in actions to make the world a better place instead of preparing the souls of men and women for Eternity.

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Voting for a Chameleon


Evangelicals are so easily swayed by the “weenie-ness” of mainstream Christian leaders. By pastors, authors, and teachers who would lead the church away from its moral foundations.

We have changed from being zealous for the word of God and its defense to a people worried about our acceptance by the world around us.

And whether we are socially woke enough, intellectual enough, well-mannered enough, and nice enough to please the sensibilities of the modern world.

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The Evangelical Left

Wake Up America

There is no question that mainstream Evangelicalism has been deeply affected by the unbelief within mainline Protestantism and Catholicism. Many Christian leaders have also been influenced by the social and political liberalism of these groups.

This influence has led to an organized movement to pull Evangelicals away from a Conservative social and political stance.

It is a movement specifically designed to dissuade Evangelicals from identifying with Republicans. While, supposedly, moving them into a more Moderate stance.

Which, in reality, is a clever strategy to use Christians as political pawns to advance the unbiblical social, political, and spiritual goals of the Left.

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Justice for All

lady justice unblindfolded

Back in the 70s, when I was still in the United Methodist Church, my youth group was discussing whether or not to participate in a boycott to help migrant workers.

This had to do with migrant workers who labored under very bad conditions. The products specifically targeted were Iceberg Lettuce and grapes. Both sold by the Fisher Fazio grocery stores in Akron at that time.

We were told that to boycott these stores would be a good thing. It would make Fisher Fazio’s put pressure on their suppliers to improve conditions. This, of course, was the line of action pushed by people like the activist, Cesar Chavez.

Of course, as teenagers, we were just generally ignorant, skulls full of mush. Easily manipulated by a good cause. Swayed by the plight of any underdog or person struggling in the world. Swayed by whatever the popular narrative was on the mainstream news.

Just like today.

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