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January 2020

Seeking Clarity: Part 2 – A False Sense of Biblical Soundness

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The contrast between the popular culture and Evangelicalism is interesting.

On the one hand, popular culture continues to polarize between Leftism and Conservatism. With people very vocal on both sides.

Meanwhile, in the Evangelical culture, there is this trend toward more and more fuzziness on truth. With many leaders carefully avoiding clarity at all cost.

Leaving the average guy in the pews wondering why the church’s grasp on biblical truth is slipping away.

While he watches everything in the church changing around him.
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The Father’s Love for Us

Son on Fathers Shoulders Beach

It’s strange what we think sometimes. And it’s hard to know where these misconceptions come from.

For example, consider how we view God, the Father.

In the past, I often thought of Him with a bit of suspicion. And, by that, I mean that He may have been harboring a bit of resentment toward me, and everyone else, because of the death of His Son.

Now, I know that sounds a bit crazy. But bear with me for a few moments as I go down this rabbit hole of bad theology. And, eventually come out another way into the glorious sunshine of truth.

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Works Confusion: Part 2 – The Lord’s Way of Change

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These compromises within Evangelicalism and Fundamentalism are caused by our misunderstanding of the vast difference between the works of God and the works of the Christian.

We have too much confidence in the value of our own efforts. Christians tend to believe that their devotion, sincerity, depth of good intent, and dedicated will are what the Lord is seeking from them.

Many an altar-call for missionaries has led to sincere believers launching out into the deep on the strength of their own emotion and devotion. Only to find themselves in misery after the novelty of being in the field wears off. Wondering if they were truly called of God after all.

This is a common problem in many areas of full-time Christian ministry. Where the emotion of the moment has influenced a life-changing decision. As opposed to a true calling of God.

And it is a common experience of most believers to daily re-dedicate their wills and desires to better behavior and better works. All based upon their assessment of the previous day’s spiritual successes or failures.

But, is this truly the way that the Lord produces His works in us?

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Good Works Confusion


Much of the confusion and compromise that plagues the church is fueled by a misunderstanding of the place that good works have in a believer’s life.

The Evangelical landscape is entangled with confused teaching ranging from eternal insecurity, sinless perfectionism, the second work of grace, being baptized in the Spirit, and the need for outward manifestations to confirm one’s salvation.

Each of these teachings are as destructive as a foolish landscaper who plants a tree on one day and then digs it up the next. Never being certain if the roots have taken hold. Never certain if the tree is going to grow.

Who eventually kills the tree he planted.

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Clarity in the New Year

Kings Is Haunt Fuzzy Midway

As we look forward into this new year, perhaps the one thing we have gained in our culture right now is clarity.

Yes, I know that sounds a bit crazy; but what I mean is that we are now able to see more clearly where people stand than in the past.

Because, people are more outspoken these days. Leaving no question about what they think. Even if what they think is outrageous or crazy, at least many are crystal clear in expressing their positions.

And there is actually some value in that.

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