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July 2020

All Voices Matter


For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” (Ephesians 6:12)

The backlash against Black Lives Matter, in general principle, has to do with BLM’s insistence that the lives of “black’s” must be the exclusive focus. As opposed to including the lives of all others.

BLM is demanding a specific focus. And it demands that special money be given, legislation passed, and cultural changes made that will change the “racial bias” which BLM insists is endemic to America.

While it attempts to silence and threaten all who would disagree with it or any who try to focus also on “all lives” vs specifically “black lives”.

This seems to be the core of the generally-perceived BLM position.

Which is made while assuming that these concerns are truly what is desired. While assuming that there are no other, hidden, agendas that are really being advanced in the midst of all this chaos.
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The New Religious Order: Conclusion -Bowing Down


The Risk of Saying What You Believe

The other most basic function of government is to protect the right of free speech.

But that has been declining for a long time now.

The only real free speech today is that which the mainstream media and the progressive academic establishment approves. All dissent to the contrary carries great risk.

To speak out against any of the popular protests today will bring dire consequences. Which is why even most Conservatives are silent today. Because they know that the mob will come to their house.

Even to their walled and security-patrolled houses.

And then what will they do?

They will bow the knee.

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The New Religious Order


A New Religion That’ll Bring You to Your Knees

As we watch the progressive loss of American liberties, the politicians look on impassively.

Not unlike the Senators of ancient Rome.

Modern Senators are men and women isolated, as most politicians and bureaucrats are, from the daily life and problems that average Americans face. Especially those average people in the vast “flyover country” that spreads out between the East and Left coasts.

You know, all the people that don’t live in the big cities. All the people that basically provide the food and resources that those living in the big metropolitan centers depend upon to survive.

It is amazing to me how the faddish passions and causes that consume those within these big population areas control what the rest of this vast country is supposed to do and think and say.

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Bible Preservation Research

Some Brief Thoughts

I just thought it would be good to take a minute to discuss a couple things about this doctrine of Bible preservation.

Because it is such a lightning rod for emotional response among Christians.

Sadly, this should not be the case. Christians should be very deeply informed and readily able to discuss this whole doctrine.

But the church has purposefully stayed away from this.

Except to merely touch on it to reassure Christians that the current state of popular texts and translations is perfectly fine. And that the biggest problem a Christian may face is to find a translation that “speaks to them” or which they can understand.

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