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July 2022

The Christian “Self” Dies Hard

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A problem that is common to every believer in Christ is dealing with one’s own inner self. And our confidence in that self.

Yet, despite the reality of our evil inner man, the idea that self-confidence is a bad thing is rejected within Evangelicalism today. 

Because self-esteem teaching has permeated the church. Thanks to a number of “Christian psychologists” who have pushed this thinking. Even going so far as to say that having a lack of self-esteem is the real definition of sin. Which is an idea popularized by the late Robert Schuller, the “positive thinking” preacher.  

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The Partial Counsel of God

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One of the most important lessons of life that I’ve learned, (Or, perhaps I should say, I’ve had to learn and then re-learn and then learn again) is the willingness to walk alone in truth.

Now, this may seem a bit strange to say. But it’s about learning that there is no group, no denomination, no church, no Christian University, no seminary, no organization, no ministry, no writer, no leader, and no pastor that you can trust 100%.

This is why we must each learn to walk in the integrity of our own convictions, according to the scriptures, even if we must walk alone. Even when all those around us think we are wrong.

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