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Do Doctrines Actually Divide the Church?

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I heard a phrase recently while listening to a podcast.

A pastor was reviewing the spiritual struggles of the churches over the last 150 years. Basically since the Civil War.

He was discussing the movement of seminaries away from solid, biblical authority. Showing the rise of spiritual Modernism and Liberalism in places like Princeton. And how those trained in the seminaries and Christian colleges brought their weak teachings back to the churches. Affecting all denominations.

He also spoke of the formation of Fundamentalism, the creation of the National Association of Evangelicals, and the rise of the New Evangelical movement.

A movement that now deeply influences every church in our modern age.

The incredible significance of New Evangelicalism is due to its spiritual philosophy that saturates virtually every church that calls itself “Evangelical”. And even many that identify as “Fundamental”.

These churches are increasingly following the basic New Evangelical mantra, “Doctrine divides while service unites“.

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Defying God’s Natural Order


They that observe lying vanities forsake their own mercy.” (Jonah 2:8)

This verse can be applied in countless ways.

But it especially fits the mindset and spiritual condition of our modern “woke” culture.

Especially, the thinking which denies the basic identity of a man and a woman.

As a set thing.

As an absolute that God has established in the world.

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Everyone is Religious: Part 2 – The Lord Cares About the Doctrines We Believe

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The corrupting influence of Progressive Christianity is spreading today because of the seeds of spiritual compromise sown back in the early 1900s. By the early “pioneers” of the Evangelical movement.

As a consequence, virtually every Evangelical church that exists today is, adheres to doctrines that are no different, at their core, than those held by the religious, unbelieving world.

Most of these beliefs flow from a single, basic doctrinal error that is clearly condemned in the scriptures – condemned not simply once or twice but consistently throughout the Bible.

A doctrine warned against at the very beginning of the scriptures as well as at the very end.

Even condemned by the Lord Himself.

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Are There Absolutes We Must Believe?

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The scriptures command us to Defend the Faith.

This presupposes that there actually are scriptural absolutes to defend.

Not just good ideas. Nor simply strong beliefs. But solid, non-negotiable, doctrinal truths.

Even so the modern Evangelical church is moving away from scriptural absolutes. Not long ago, one of our local pastors even made a comment against “absolutes”.

Which means that truth must not really be true anymore. Even though our pastors still call “truth” by that name.

At least not absolute truth which one must believe in order to be right with God. Which one must believe in order to be saved.

Nowadays, it’s more about what you do or don’t do or how nice and loving you are that makes you right with God.

Instead of what you actually believe.

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The Evidence of Spiritual Evil

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In the midst of all the talk about not making idols out of political alliances, or American Exceptionalism, or the American Way, or the Republican party, or Conservative principles, Evangelicals ignore many things.

They ignore the fact that we do not live in a vacuum.

I know I’ve written about this recently, (“Polarization” in the Church? – February 19, 2022) but I just wanted to cover one more related point.

That the spiritual, unseen world spills over into the physical world.

It is impossible to prevent that.

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A New Christian License to Sin

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I’ve been listening to a lot of preachers these days who are trying to establish a new principle of Christian living.

Namely, that Christians should not be critical or divisive in their speech. As in criticizing a leader or teacher within one’s own church. Or by criticizing a well-known preacher, writer, or ministry. Especially a leader or ministry that is respected by one’s own church.

The basis for this new principle comes from the idea that Christians are to be known “by our love”. By our love for each other. And by our love for all the people in the world.

This love principle is contrasted against being known by our correct orthodoxy or accurate interpretation of scripture, or our defense of some doctrinal position. Which are each, supposedly, based on our own preferences or “tribal” affiliations.

But is this “non-critical” posture really biblical? Is this truly what the Lord has told us to do?

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The Lord’s Priority: Conclusion – Separated Unto Christ

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What is the most underlying, common problem with the New Evangelical and Progressive Christian movements?

The answer is disobedience to God’s Word.

And one of the most basic components of this disobedience is an unwillingness to separate from evil. Or, to say it another way, to separate ourselves unto Him.

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The “Legalist” is a Straw Man

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A “Straw Man” is a deceptive rhetorical technique used to build an argument against something.

To do this, a situation or person is characterized in a very extreme way. By blowing someone’s actions out of proportion. By taking their words out of context. As opposed to accurately representing their behavior and ideas.

This is done to rally people emotionally against an idea or person.

The labels, “Legalism” and “Legalist”, have been used in this same way against Biblical truth and Conservative Christians.

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