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When a person kills another person, other than in self defense or in a justified action on behalf of a country or state, it is murder.

Regardless of the weapon used.

Whether using a gun, a knife, a stick, a rock, or a popsicle stick. It makes no difference. The deed is still murder.

Murder is a sin. And sin is evil.

And it is caused by a condition of the soul.

A Choice the Heart Makes

In popular culture, people like to call murder or mass murder, “mental illness”. 

Mental illness, chemical imbalance, and a host of other physical, emotional, or physiological conditions certainly exist. But the primary cause of murder is wickedness. 

It is essentially an issue of the heart. It is a personal choice of the soul. 

The heart cannot be controlled by laws. Nor by any other types of control that society places on individuals to prevent them from doing bad things. 

One would be more effective in controlling the winds of a tornado or the raging waves of a hurricane, than in controlling or curing the wickedness of the heart. 

Our culture never deals with the root causes of violence. It has tried every possible way to deal with the issue; only to create deeper and broader problems.

Just as the recent school shootings have demonstrated. And as the rampant viol… “peaceful” protests and shootings in our cities demonstrate. 

Our modern culture simply refuses to face man’s most basic problem. Which is the iniquity of the heart. And the lost spiritual condition of men. 

Therefore, our world lives in a state of denial about this most critical of problems. Trying to solve man’s problems while denying the realities of life that God has set forth in His word. 

Man chooses to create his own reality. And then sets out to live by his own rules and his own codes. Believing he can live without submitting to the authority of God. 

Toward a Perfect World

The Progressives long to control society. To reshape society into a Utopia based upon the supposed goodness of man

As in, man is basically good. 

And so, they continue looking for excuses to lock men down. They believe that their methods have not worked up to this point because they haven’t had sufficient control. 

If only they could control all areas of our lives, then they could finally create a perfect society. 

By removing the freedoms of men and replacing them with something else. To create a world free from fear, poverty, sickness.

And from any consequences for sins. 

Against Individualism 

Have you noticed an increase in preaching within Evangelical churches against Individualism? That isn’t just preaching against people choosing whatever they want. Against individuals choosing to live contrary to the Bible.

No, this preaching comes as a spillover into the church from the Christian Progressive crowd. 

Who long to get everyone on the same page in their Christian communities. By minimizing doctrinal disagreements and marginalizing those who prioritize biblical truth in our congregations. 

So, just like the cultural Left, the church is telling us to just get along. And to work together on things we have in common. By minimizing or marginalizing or eradicating those Individualists among us. 

And That, in a nutshell, is what the Progressive movement, and the Christian Progressive movement, is really all about. 

Contrary to all its posturing about love and tolerance and kindness and reason and a million other things, it’s really about something else entirely.  

Progressivism is really just a New Religion designed to establish a world without God. To live without His authority. 

Where man can do whatever he wants. Without hearing the “condemning” words of scripture. Or without facing any consequences for the iniquity in his heart. 

Violence will continue as our culture continues to reject the sweet influences of the Spirit of Christ. 

All other solutions are simply illusions, at best. 


Image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay