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August 2017

The Gospel: No Soul Left Behind

Proxy Falls

It is fashionable in modern Evangelical churches to make creeds and statements that are much more “loose” than those of the great denominations of the past. Many of these new “creeds” are crafted in vague terms to allow for people to remain within a church or association without truly believing the gospel.

But “Why?” you might ask; “Why would any group want to do that?” Continue reading “The Gospel: No Soul Left Behind”

Are We Sheep or Shepherds?

Grayson Highlands Vista

In listening to many sermons by Christian men and women, I am struck by how contradictory their thoughts are. How deeply men differ in their positions.

And how even basically solid men can say things that are not biblical. And can go off on tangents that undercut otherwise good teaching and preaching. Or engage in ministry practices that destroy the clarity of the gospel they proclaim.

This is why I believe a Christian must do his own homework. He must study diligently to know he is on the right path.

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The Rise of an Ancient False god

Ecola Rocks Mist

There is a group of professed Christians who claim that we can only understand the Bible when it is interpreted through the lens of accepted scientific theory. When it is illuminated by the proper consensus of scientific opinion.

This group is called BioLogos. Here is a sample taken directly from their statement of faith:

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