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When “Love” Becomes an Idol

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It seems that every once in a while, the church decides to re-invent itself. To shift its focus or try to re-state, re-organize, or just try to do a makeover in order to appear more acceptable, more relevant, and more hip to the surrounding culture.  

The reason for this is often blamed on the church’s ineffectual ministry to the surrounding world. Therefore, there is no end to all the books and ministries seeking to lead the church down a new path to become more effective or more “contextual”.

And, of course, there is no end to all the rhetoric telling us how to do this. How we must become a “New Kind of Christian”. Or even how “Everything must change”!

And always, without fail, the one thing that is constantly emphasized in all of these “methods” is how we must become more “loving”. 

Always, always, “love” is lifted up as the great answer.

In effect, “love” has become the New Idol of this church age. 

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Terrified of the Truth

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A very interesting thing about the Progressive culture is their desire to destroy anything they don’t like.

They hide behind a hypocritical morality waged against those Christians or Conservatives they regard as haters, bigots, homophobes, Nazis, Fascists, etc.

But the reality is that they are simply terrified of spiritual truth.

And are desperately trying to silence any proclamation of the gospel of Christ. And any semblance of basic, biblical morality.

Because they are convicted by their own sins.

And they’re afraid that the Judgment of God might just be real.

And that they will stand before God without any hope.

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Everyone Is Religious

Dark Alley

A common argument often used against biblically faithful Christians is that they are too religious.

And that religion just divides people.

And that religion is not based on real life or on a real relationship with God.

And that one needs to be more secular, more focused on the real world, and more focused on loving one another.

As opposed to insisting that people all believe the correct doctrines and theology. Which, again they say, only divides people.

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The Partial Counsel of God

Truth Puzzle Missing Pieces

One of the most important lessons of life that I’ve learned, (Or, perhaps I should say, I’ve had to learn and then re-learn and then learn again) is the willingness to walk alone in truth.

Now, this may seem a bit strange to say. But it’s about learning that there is no group, no denomination, no church, no Christian University, no seminary, no organization, no ministry, no writer, no leader, and no pastor that you can trust 100%.

This is why we must each learn to walk in the integrity of our own convictions, according to the scriptures, even if we must walk alone. Even when all those around us think we are wrong.

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A New World Without Fear?

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When a person kills another person, other than in self defense or in a justified action on behalf of a country or state, it is murder.

Regardless of the weapon used.

Whether using a gun, a knife, a stick, a rock, or a popsicle stick. It makes no difference. The deed is still murder.

Murder is a sin. And sin is evil.

And it is caused by a condition of the soul.

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Faith in Our Own Good Intentions

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When churches preach against selfishness, they assume that a Christian will be ashamed and then do selfless things.

That is the theory.

But there is a fatal flaw in this thinking.

The Christian cannot overcome his “self”. Only the Lord is able to accomplish this.

Only by yielding ourselves to His working within us are we able to do anything that is good. And keep from doing anything that is bad.

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“Partnerships” in Jesus’ Name


I’ve been listening to this language of “partnering” coming from the leadership of my church. Which is the same rhetoric coming from a wide assortment of popular Christian leaders.

By “partnering”, they mean joining together with other organizations to accomplish some good thingin Jesus’ name.

These good things might range from working with local homeless shelters, food banks, addiction ministries, helping the poor, helping abused women, feeding starving children, or even joining with national or international groups providing aid to impoverished countries; or maybe just standing along-side some activist group trying to affect social or political change – once again, in Jesus’ name.

A common justification for this joint participation is that the organization we are partnering with is supposedly a “Christian” ministry that is doing “great good”. Which could, supposedly, do even greater good if more churches would join in their work.

However, does the Bible actually have anything to say about How we are to minister to others? Or with Whom we are to partner? Or Not to partner?

Has the Lord given us any clear guidelines or limitations for us to follow?

Or does our desire to help and to be good humanitarians take precedence over all other concerns?

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Christian Intellectual Idolatry

Hand Flicking Man

Just a note on something I saw the other evening on an internet news site.

There was a chart showing which groups formed the highest percentage of those supporting a particular candidate for governor.

What struck me were the 4 groups singled out that supported this candidate. I fit into all four groups. Although I can only remember 3 of them now, they were as follows:

  • White Evangelicals
  • White Men without a College Degree
  • White Seniors

Yoo Hoo! I wonder if there is some kind of prize I’ve won for fitting into all these groups?!

I’ll bet it’s a really special prize!!

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What is the Lord’s Priority?

wolf in sheeps clothingFor do I now persuade men, or God? or do I seek to please men? for if I yet pleased men, I should not be the servant of Christ? (Galatians 1:10)

Is the Lord’s first priority the salvation of lost souls?

Or has He established a greater ministry than evangelism?

Or does He allow us to do whatever is necessary to win people to Christ?

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