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The Right to Be Heard

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What you read and what you listen to changes how you think.

Consider how the television, radio, and social media influences your view of the world.

90% of the opinion in this country is controlled, dominated, and manipulated toward one specific political and social mindset. Which is Progressive Liberalism.

The other 10% is desperately struggling for the simple right to be heard. Conservatives, Moderates, Libertarians.

So, what is all this crap that the mainstream culture has against those of us who listen to Fox News, or OAN, or Sky News, or Newsmax?

What are the Liberal, mainstream media and government bureaucrats afraid of?

They already control most of what we see and hear. While they force-feed their version of truth to America. And they tell us what to think. They demand what we must think.

But, since there still remains a small sliver of the media that they don’t yet control, they are determined to silence and eradicate it.

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How to Steal a Country

Statue of Liberty Clouds Turmoil

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Silencing Conservatives in the Church

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The End of Evangelical Backbone

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Old Heresy, New Names

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Voting for a Chameleon


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The Evangelical Left

Wake Up America

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Justice for All

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Work Without Life

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What the Lord desires is to use us as a channel to do His work.

He desires to be our Life. And to use us to minister His life to the world.

To be the sole source and sole fulfillment of all our needs. As well as all our work.

I am afraid that this is something most Christians don’t grasp. Or, are unwilling to grasp.

Most see the fulfillment of a need as the Prime Objective in Christian service. To solve the problem. To meet the need. To Get ‘R Done!

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