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The Salty Christian

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I recall a specific sermon given by AW Tozer. He was discussing biblical teaching on the doctrine of Separation. Which is a doctrine based on God’s command to be separate from sin and from sinful practices.

He was making a distinction between what the Bible teaches versus how Separation is commonly applied (or not applied) by Christians.

Because, we often take for granted the vast differences between popular Christian practice versus what the Bible actually commands us to do.

Unfortunately, most Evangelicals have no idea what Separation even is; let alone, how to properly apply it in their lives.

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All Voices Matter


For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” (Ephesians 6:12)

The backlash against Black Lives Matter, in general principle, has to do with BLM’s insistence that the lives of “black’s” must be the exclusive focus. As opposed to including the lives of all others.

BLM is demanding a specific focus. And it demands that special money be given, legislation passed, and cultural changes made that will change the “racial bias” which BLM insists is endemic to America.

While it attempts to silence and threaten all who would disagree with it or any who try to focus also on “all lives” vs specifically “black lives”.

This seems to be the core of the generally-perceived BLM position.

Which is made while assuming that these concerns are truly what is desired. While assuming that there are no other, hidden, agendas that are really being advanced in the midst of all this chaos.
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Science Says Nothin’


Science says nothin’.

That’s right. Science doesn’t say a stinkin’ thing.

People say things. People interpret data. Then they draw their own conclusions.

We each interpret the world around us. We each make a choice about which evidence we observe. Who we listen to. What we watch. Which data we study.

And we also decide which people or institutions to trust.

Because life is a series of choices. Of moral and spiritual choices.

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Sick of Love: Conclusion – The Great Excuse

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Under the Banner of Love

I am sick of “love” being used as an excuse for the church to do whatever new things they decide to do.

Or using “love” to justify whatever changes they want to make. Or to justify their association with unbiblical religious or secular organizations . Or to justify their obsession with being “relevant” to whomever.

“Love” has become the great excuse of the modern Evangelical church.

It is the banner under which all manner of questionable things are marched into the church.

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Sick of Love

Love Statue Cleve Art Museum

I am sick of hearing about love.

Yep, pretty much fed up with it.

It’s not that I don’t love people; I just don’t always like them. Which are two different things.

But to really love someone is the Lord’s doing. Which is what His Spirit creates within us as He reaches out to those that we come in contact with. But that love is not about some gooey, mushy feeling of creamy mellowness toward other people.

It’s about caring for the eternal well-being of those around us.

Now, I know, as I get older and crankier, I have less patience with people. And sometimes I can be irritating to those around me. As my wife, my family, and my friends will confirm. As I gradually become the curmudgeon I never wanted to be.

However, the real problem is that “love” has become cheap.

Or, to put it another way, it has been cheapened by being so commonly used as the reason or the justification for every cause under the sun. Being used so often that it’s in danger of meaning nothing.

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The Presence of the Lord: Part 2 — The Lord’s Work in the Lord’s Way

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In the Bible record, otherwise godly men would sometimes choose their own methods to accomplish the Lord’s work. Ignoring the Lord’s clear commands on how to do His work in His way. Choosing, instead, to work in another way to fulfill some promise or desire God had expressed to them.

This simple ignoring of God’s word in the name of a good Christian cause is an apt description of the New Evangelical movement. A movement that began back in the 1940s which has drastically changed the course of Evangelicalism.

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The Presence of the Lord: Part 1

2 Seats on Patio

The Lord’s presence is taken for granted by many Christians today.

In fact, most churches just assume that the Lord is present and delighted in most everything that they do.

All because an opening prayer was made in Jesus’ name, beautiful hymns were sung, the pastor preached a very passionate sermon, or that people really felt the presence of the Lord in the service that day.

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To Know God “Personally”

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Last week, I was listening to a Catholic apologist on the radio. He was speaking about how Pope Benedict stressed, along with others within Catholic leadership, the importance of “having a personal relationship with God”.

Now, many will hear this and think nothing out of the ordinary about this. As if this is just something normal for Catholicism to teach.

But this really surprised me.

It is important to understand that the man who was speaking on the radio, had been an Evangelical before he converted to Catholicism. He has been a Catholic now for 22 years.

He also claimed that Catholicism offered “a more direct way to God”. Than supposedly the Evangelical or Fundamental route.

Again, this got my attention.

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Servants R Us: Conclusion

Geauga Lake Hall Coaster

What is really at issue here is understanding how the Evangelical church is becoming the mainline Protestant church. They are moving away from their biblical foundations toward a new identity.
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