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August 2022

God’s Starting Point

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When we think about the gifts of the Spirit, as put forth in I Corinthians 12, we might confuse those gifts with our natural abilities, or natural skills, or even with our aptitude for a specific spiritual work.

Many leaders in “full-time Christian service” believe they are called by the Lord because of their abilities or experience. Such as someone with experience as a teacher, a coach, a business manager, or who has skills that might be useful in managing a church and its congregation.

But this is not how God chooses or uses people.

The Lord is not interested in the strengths of men. Nor is He impressed with their celebrity, their influence, their singing voices, their oratory skills, or their ability to rally people around a cause or a movement.

God’s way is based on something entirely different.

His way is based on our weakness. And on our failures.

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The Only Source of Assurance

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As I get older and closer to Eternity, I realize the worthlessness of many things I used to think were important.

And the incredible importance of things that I used to take for granted.

In that important category, is a simple truth.

That what is true is not based upon experience but on the written word of God.

Which is our only source of faith.

Which is our only source of absolute trustworthiness in this life and the life to come.

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