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December 2022

The Forgotten Christmas Gift

Christmas star

When we look at the Christmas “messages” preached over this season, most are all the same.

They are often boring and of little value. Except for the momentary, sentimental feelings they create.

However, the real message of the birth of Christ is staggering; if preachers would simply preach about it.

IF they, themselves, really understood enough or had experience enough to actually share it.

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The Necessity of a Thankful Heart

Dolomite mountains

There is a great difference between a person with a thankful heart and one that feels entitled to the good things of life.

This current generation is of the latter type.

Our “entitlement” culture is filled with envy and jealousy. Who covet what others have. And who seek ways to take it from them.

In fact, all the current movement toward Socialism is based upon envy.

Upon the idea that what others have should belong to me or to someone else in need. And that the government should force those that have to give to those that don’t have.

Therefore, individuals today focus on what they believe the world owes them. Or what they believe God owes them.

Or, more accurately, what they demand that the world and God should give them.

And, if not, then they’ll take, by force, what they are due.

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