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The New Religious Order: Conclusion -Bowing Down


The Risk of Saying What You Believe

The other most basic function of government is to protect the right of free speech.

But that has been declining for a long time now.

The only real free speech today is that which the mainstream media and the progressive academic establishment approves. All dissent to the contrary carries great risk.

To speak out against any of the popular protests today will bring dire consequences. Which is why even most Conservatives are silent today. Because they know that the mob will come to their house.

Even to their walled and security-patrolled houses.

And then what will they do?

They will bow the knee.

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The New Religious Order


A New Religion That’ll Bring You to Your Knees

As we watch the progressive loss of American liberties, the politicians look on impassively.

Not unlike the Senators of ancient Rome.

Modern Senators are men and women isolated, as most politicians and bureaucrats are, from the daily life and problems that average Americans face. Especially those average people in the vast “flyover country” that spreads out between the East and Left coasts.

You know, all the people that don’t live in the big cities. All the people that basically provide the food and resources that those living in the big metropolitan centers depend upon to survive.

It is amazing to me how the faddish passions and causes that consume those within these big population areas control what the rest of this vast country is supposed to do and think and say.

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Bible Preservation Research

Some Brief Thoughts

I just thought it would be good to take a minute to discuss a couple things about this doctrine of Bible preservation.

Because it is such a lightning rod for emotional response among Christians.

Sadly, this should not be the case. Christians should be very deeply informed and readily able to discuss this whole doctrine.

But the church has purposefully stayed away from this.

Except to merely touch on it to reassure Christians that the current state of popular texts and translations is perfectly fine. And that the biggest problem a Christian may face is to find a translation that “speaks to them” or which they can understand.

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Supernatural Work

White Rose Light Dew

We must be genuine in our witness to people.

This requires that we must first be honest in our relationship with the Lord.

In other words, we must stop trying to impress the Lord or stop trying to fake Him out as far as what we really think and want. Because He knows us better than we know ourselves.

And without this honesty before God, we will not be able to genuinely manifest His life to those around us.

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Reaching the Lost: Conclusion – The Work of the Holy Spirit

Father Boy Into the light

Prayer is Critical 

So, where does that leave us?

I would like to propose a couple simple ideas.

One: Without prayer, all else is useless and meaningless.

We need to pray for those specific people we are trying to reach. And to do this well in advance of when we expect to see them. To pray for their salvation. To prayer for an opportunity or a “door of utterance” for the Lord to provide.

We need to pray that people will be prepared to receive the truth; and pray that the Lord will give us the words and timing to say what we should say.

This is the most critical thing we can do. All else, is worthless without this.

And, if we don’t have an opportunity, don’t force it. Trust that the Lord is in charge.

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Reaching the Lost

Crowd at Santa Monica Pier

We all deal with so many people in our lives. We walk among people of every type of belief and lifestyle.

Even within our own families, there is such a diversity of beliefs about spiritual things. Let alone about eternity and salvation.

And it seems that so many people are completely oblivious to the urgency of their situation. They are living their lives with no apparent concern for their eternal destiny.

So, I think a lot about how I can impact those people I come in contact with. How do I truly affect those around me for Christ?

And the answer, I believe, is one that is much different than you might expect.

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Words Mean Things: Conclusion – If the Foundation is Destroyed

Ancient Scroll on Table

The answer to all this is common sense.

Over the last 5 years, many of these posts have discussed the Textus Receptus (Greek New Testament) and the Masoretic Text (Hebrew Old Testament). These are the preserved texts upon which we must base any translations that are made.

These are what have historically been called, the Received Text.

The only translation today, that is based solely on these texts is the King James Version. Whether you like that translation or not, it is an accurate one. And it is based on perfect copies of the original texts.

The preserved texts are copies of copies that God, in His sovereignty, has kept in accurate, word-for-word form. Supernaturally overseeing the copying process from one generation to the next.

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Words Mean Things : Part 3 – A Pocket Full of Translations

Tall Stack

Any leader today can claim to believe the essence of truth.

And there is little that the Christian, standing upon the modern texts, can say to correct him. Because the words in the modern texts are like shifting sand.

And, as such, promise neither accuracy nor authority.

Oh, wait. Correction. They DO promise those things. They just can’t deliver on those things.
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Words Mean Things: Part 2 – What IS the Word of God?

Elephant in Refrig

This all comes down to what the word of God truly is?

Do we believe that the word of God is the actual words written on a page many thousands of years ago? Or do we believe that the word of God is the essence of truth, or the general idea of truth, or some other phrase that conveys the idea that God meant to convey?

As opposed to the very specific words themselves.

You see, we have a very real problem here. And it is the elephant in the room within the biblical church. The elephant we pretend is not there.

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