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How God Forgives Us


Sometimes, we follow things received by tradition rather than from the Word of God. 

One of the most common misunderstandings of this Christian life is in relation to our sins and our fellowship with God.

We have been taught incorrectly about HOW to stay in fellowship with God. This effect of this misunderstanding is a continual inward anxiety over our performance and right-standing with the Lord. 

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Saved by Works of “Love”?


What is the greatest need of man?

If he gains all that this world has to offer, yet loses his soul, his loss will be felt through all eternity.

Consider that for a moment. If one would gain all the wealth, fame, adulation, pleasure, and happiness possible in this world, but loses his soul, the tragedy would be beyond imagination.

Yet, those leading our churches have forgotten this foundational truth.

They’ve forgotten that we are eternal beings. We were not made for this world. We were not designed to seek our fulfillment here.

Nor to help others to find their fulfillment here.

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A “Kind” Orthodoxy: Conclusion – Loving People into Heaven


Why trimmest thou thy way to seek love? therefore hast thou also taught the wicked ones thy ways.” (Jeremiah 2:33)

Brian McLaren, along with other Emergent and Progressive teachers, states that he is not being absolute in his statements. He says that he may be wrong. But, then again, he may be right. And that he is trying to be provocative in order to make people think.

How nice.

This has become a popular way of writing and teaching today. Christians think they are being humble by not taking hard positions on Truth. By not being so dogmatic about their beliefs.

They think that casting doubts upon biblical truth is not harmful. That it is a neutral thing.

But it isn’t.

It is simply another technique used to De-Constructthe faith once delivered unto the saints“.

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Make an Eternal Difference

City Office Windows Night

When I look at the world around me, even at my own small-town world, it seems unfathomable that the vast majority of those people I know will never see eternal life; but will spend an eternity in the Lake of Fire. 

I don’t know how to deal with that. It is sobering. It is horrifying. And it is heartbreaking. 

But it drives me to pray. To pray that the Lord will help me to be faithful in presenting His truth to those around me. 

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A “Kind” Orthodoxy?

Feet in Chains

I recently heard the phrase, “a kind orthodoxy”, used by a local pastor in his Sunday sermon.

I’m not sure how he came up with this phrase but it sent off warning alarms in my head. Because I’d seen this phrase somewhere before. I just couldn’t remember where.

Then I did some research; and my fears were justified.

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Legalism: Conclusion – Faith and Works are Not Equal


Christian leaders are shifting the emphasis of discipleship from faith in the words of God to demonstrating ones faith by his works. And, it’s not that good works are not important, this is about getting the cart before the horse.

This is one reason why those who stand upon the critical necessity of doctrinal soundness are considered divisive. Because, they insist that solid, biblical teaching must take precedence over all other activities, outreaches, and programs.

Such Christians are categorized as those who preach law instead of grace. Or as those who idolize the written word of God and insist that everyone must have all their doctrinal beliefs in perfect order and agreement.

Or as those who have more love for the law than for people,

And therefore, are labeled, “legalists”.

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The “Legalist” is a Straw Man

Scarecrow Stray Man Evil

A “Straw Man” is a deceptive rhetorical technique used to build an argument against something.

To do this, a situation or person is characterized in a very extreme way. By blowing someone’s actions out of proportion. By taking their words out of context. As opposed to accurately representing their behavior and ideas.

This is done to rally people emotionally against an idea or person.

The labels, “Legalism” and “Legalist”, have been used in this same way against Biblical truth and Conservative Christians.

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What “Righteousness” Do You Have?

missing puzzle piece

Job is one of my favorite books of the Bible.

It’s also, possibly, one of the most ancient of all the books of the Bible.

While it contains many vital messages, one of those lessons has become especially precious to me.

It has to do with what was really going on in Job’s life at that time. And what God was trying to accomplish, for Job’s eternal benefit, by allowing him to suffer as he did.

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Of Wheat, Weeds, and Counterfeit Money

Money Scattered

“But while men slept, his enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat, and went his way.” (Matthew 13: 24-30; 36-43)

This verse is commonly used to justify taking a non-judgmental position toward error and false teachers.

It’s commonly used by Christians to remain silent when they should use rebuke and reproof; as II Timothy 3:16 states.

But in this Evangelical age of “Love”, what else should we expect?

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