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That was the true Light, which lighteth every man that cometh into the world.(John 1:9)

This Light is Jesus Christ.

The Bible says that He is the Creator of this world and of all that is in the universe. There is nothing that exists which He did not create. All things were made by Him and for Him.

But, of course, that does not fit in with the thinking of modern secular man. His view is that man is merely an animal. Just a more sophisticated one. With the ability to communicate thru a written language. And possessing self-awareness.

And, according to secular man, his origins are from random processes. The result of chemical combinations and an infinite stream of beneficial mutations, on the molecular level, that came together over billions of years. By pure chance.

This process is governed by the struggle for dominance among the animals known as “the survival of the fittest”. A long battle of tooth and claw and suffering and death.

But the words of God do not paint that dark picture.

They speak of a wondrous God that created man for a purpose. With every man’s future seen clearly in God’s eyes from before the Creation.

These words speak of a God who desires intimate fellowship with every soul He has created. With each soul created with an infinite capacity to know Him.

Designed for Eternity

Among the mysteries of life, this is the greatest. That every single soul has been created with eternity in mind. God has designed each of us for an existence that stretches beyond time. An existence that enters into an everlasting “state”.

But our understanding of this is nothing more than a mere drop in the infinite ocean of knowledge.

How do we grasp that God saw, before the foundation of the world, every soul He would create? From the everlasting past, God looked forward into the eternal future and saw the wonderful existence we each might one day have with him.

With man, God created something unique.

God took part of Himself when he made us. Something that was eternal. Something that would never cease to exist.  He desired something from us that could only come from Himself. A quality that would allow us to love and fellowship with Him in a way that no other creature would have.

In all of His Creation, other than man, only the angels have this quality.

Somewhere Forever

However, this gift He gave us is irrevocable. This is something He cannot take back. At least it seems that must be the case.

Since every man will continue to exist forever. The grave will not end that existence. Every one of us will live somewhere forever.

This means that every soul can only find its fulfillment in the God who created it. Of all the wonderful things that man might discover in this world and universe, only God can bring true satisfaction. Only God can satisfy the desperate longing we each have in our soul.

But the vast majority of men today, as well as throughout history, have chosen independence from God. They believe that they can have all of this world without Christ.

To Be Our Own Light

This was the real sin of Adam. The belief that he could exist apart from God. That he was his own god.

He looked to the forbidden fruit to open his eyes to a world apart from God. To show him the way and give him the power to make his own light. To be his own light.

Of course, the god of this world, Lucifer, was ready to be a light to Adam. He is, after all, the “light bearer“. And he also transforms himself into “an angel of light” to deceive men.

And he will use whatever means is necessary to draw men away from God into independent living. To give them the whole world at the cost of their souls.

An Eternity Without Light

Man thinks that he will always have light. That there will always be comfort and peace and joy ahead for him. That there will always be a light at the end of the tunnel.

That “there’s got to be a morning after“, as the theme song goes from the original “The Poseidon Adventure” film.

And that “Hope springs eternal in the human breast.” (Alexander Pope; An Essay on Man, 1733-34)

But the Bible doesn’t say that.

An unsaved man has no hope. The light that a man without Christ has (in the land of the living) will one day go out. And he will continue to exist in the terrible horror of ultimate darkness.

The Source of Light

For with thee is the fountain of life: in thy light, shall we see light.” (Psalm 36:9)

In Christ alone, we have light. It is He who lightens the darkness of this world.

All that we see, in all of Creation, is merely a reflection of His Wonderful character. A Christian’s life, at its best, is merely a reflection of the Lord who dwells within us.

As the Lord, whose name is Wonderful, is able to manifest Himself to those around us. As we rest in His working within us.

It is Him alone who is the Daystar. He is the Bright and Morning Star who will shine upon us when we leave this mortal, temporary world to spend eternity with Him.

Image by cocoparisienne from Pixabay