lady justice unblindfolded

Back in the 70s, when I was still in the United Methodist Church, my youth group was discussing whether or not to participate in a boycott to help migrant workers.

This had to do with migrant workers who labored under very bad conditions. The products specifically targeted were Iceberg Lettuce and grapes. Both sold by the Fisher Fazio grocery stores in Akron at that time.

We were told that to boycott these stores would be a good thing. It would make Fisher Fazio’s put pressure on their suppliers to improve conditions. This, of course, was the line of action pushed by people like the activist, Cesar Chavez.

Of course, as teenagers, we were just generally ignorant, skulls full of mush. Easily manipulated by a good cause. Swayed by the plight of any underdog or person struggling in the world. Swayed by whatever the popular narrative was on the mainstream news.

Just like today.

Forcing Ones Will on Another

My own response was to oppose that boycott. Because, I remembered my Dad telling me that boycotts were considered illegal back in his day. Before and during WWII. 

And, while I supposed that they were legal in the 70s, there was always a question of whether such things were right. Or if they were really “just”. 

Since a boycott affects not simply the owners of a company, but the employees working in the stores. And all the other industries that are dependent on those stores. Not to mention the customers. 

The activists love that. The more people affected, the better. 

But that is cold-hearted. There is a willful blindness that takes place in all this social activism. A kind of “the-end-justifies-the-means” mentality is at work. 

I have always had that impression in dealing with those who are zealous toward Leftist social and political causes. They care little for the collateral damage  they cause. As long as their end result is achieved. 

A Solution for the Immigrant Workers

My decision, back then wasn’t a result of having a cold heart toward the suffering of those working and living under bad conditions. I felt bad for them. Who wouldn’t. And I was angry toward those who were causing their suffering.

And that same type of problem occurs today in many areas. Even within our own country. 

And it must be dealt with severely.

By prosecuting the specific companies that abuse both legal and illegal immigrants working in our country. Which is the real core issue in the whole illegal-immigrant situation. 

We must go after those companies that use them illegally. Who bring them in or help them to get here — contrary to the law. Then who take advantage of the immigrants once they are here. Instituting a form of “slave labor” in our modern society!

Justice for All

Which brings me to the question of how this concept of “social justice” is applied in our world today. 

Why is the application always limited to benefit only specific groups of people that are “downtrodden”? Whatever groups that are popularized by the Left. 

While minimizing justice for others.

By this, I mean, where is the justice for those that own property in our country? Those whose property and businesses have been damaged, destroyed or adversely affected by the “peaceful protests” in the cities?

What about justice for the police that have been injured or killed? 

You see, it seems we have abandoned “justice for all” in modern America.  

As in, “All Lives Matter”. 

The Pledge of Allegiance

Did you ever really consider why that phrase is so objectionable to the Left? After all, isn’t that phrase compatible with our founding principles? With the Pledge of Allegiance?

Which is increasingly abandoned or even changed to eliminate “under God” from the pledge. 

And just an aside here. Did you ever stop and think who we must Now be under? If we have eliminated God from the pledge, who is going to step in to take His place?

To whom are we now supposed to pledge our allegiance?

Redefining Justice

“Justice”, by definition, must be applied across the board. Applied with an even hand. Applied blindly, as it were. Without thought of race or other superficial considerations. 

Otherwise, it is not “justice”. It is something else

But that is not the way all this is going down.

What we are witnessing today are specific groups of people getting special justice at the expense of all others. Regardless of the arguments to the contrary, justice is not being observed as the law requires. 

Only those groups and individuals who are approved by the mainstream media. Only those whom they have chosen to protect

Or, let’s be honest.

Only justice for those that they are afraid of. Those whom, if they don’t support, will come after the media and Leftist elites themselves. 

Because, if the media and the Left truly stand for justice, as the scriptures and our founding documents proclaim, they would speak out against the violence, the riots, the looting, and the harassment of all those who don’t stand with the popular political movements.

The would defend the right we all have, under the law, to free speech.   

Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay