Evangelicals are so easily swayed by the “weenie-ness” of mainstream Christian leaders. By pastors, authors, and teachers who would lead the church away from its moral foundations.

We have changed from being zealous for the word of God and its defense to a people worried about our acceptance by the world around us.

And whether we are socially woke enough, intellectual enough, well-mannered enough, and nice enough to please the sensibilities of the modern world.

Avoiding the Embarrassment

Evangelicals have allowed themselves to support politicians who are blatant Socialists, abortionists, and anti-Christians; to support those who have gained favor by sowing fear of the religious and political “Right”.

So, Evangelicals have sought to distance themselves from the other political leaders whom they deem impolite and aggressive. To set themselves apart from those whom the mainstream media hates. From those who are too vocal about what they think. And from those who are very transparent about their positions and intent.

In contrast to 99% of the other politicians and bureaucrats, that simply tell people what they want to hear. Who are promising us all Utopia.

All paid for by someone else.

Nice Christians

Most politicians are very well versed in deceit and misdirection. Who will take any position necessary in order to get elected. Who then push every corrupt legislation they can get away with when the election is over.

But, since they are nicer people, they are given a pass. And Christians today tend to think that these well-mannered leaders must be better people. Since well-mannered is what Jesus would want us to be.


But this can only happen when voters choose to place emotions over facts. To place feelings over reality.

When voters choose to remain ignorant of the seductive deceptions of the Progressive Left.

If Jesus Ran for Office

Popular Evangelical culture is fixated on politeness and good manners. For some reason, these traits have become the focal point of the current Presidential election.

As opposed to sound policy and biblically-compatible morality.

Pastors and leaders have emphasized good manners at the expense of truth and conviction. Failing to understand that the Lord was not always the civil and friendly person they teach that He was.

The Lord did not mince words. He did not speak nicely to the scribes and Pharisees. He did not approve of sin. He used very critical and caustic words in His rebukes.

He would not be considered a “nice guy” based on modern Evangelical standards.

He would not be teaching people to give Socialism a try (which is simply a form of theft fueled by covetousness). Nor to murder babies in the womb. Nor to pass laws that promote wicked and perverse sexual behavior.

But, for some unknown reason, Evangelicals are moving to the Left with their social and political support.

Because they are listening to Christian leaders who are not lifting up Jesus Christ and His word. Leaders who are promoting some other Christ.

And some other vision of what Christianity is.

What is Coming

This is an age filled with false fears. Where the real enemies of Christianity and this country are actually embraced by the media; while the real heroes are demonized.

There is no real cure for the widespread stupidity and naivete of Evangelicals short of the purifying effect of the word of God. And, sadly, the purging that will come from persecution; which will increase as the Progressive Left, with the multitude of religious liberal groups that support them, gain control of our government.

I pray that we do not see the onset of terrible times. But that is a very real possibility.

Christians must stop following false Christian leaders who are leading them toward the Left – both politically and spiritually – and put the Lord and His word first in their hearts again.

My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: . . . ” (Hosea 4:6)

Image by carsten goerke from Pixabay