Wake Up America

There is no question that mainstream Evangelicalism has been deeply affected by the unbelief within mainline Protestantism and Catholicism. Many Christian leaders have also been influenced by the social and political liberalism of these groups.

This influence has led to an organized movement to pull Evangelicals away from a Conservative social and political stance.

It is a movement specifically designed to dissuade Evangelicals from identifying with Republicans. While, supposedly, moving them into a more Moderate stance.

Which, in reality, is a clever strategy to use Christians as political pawns to advance the unbiblical social, political, and spiritual goals of the Left.

Young, Progressive, Leftist Christians

Does this mean that thoughtful Christians should now identify themselves as Libertarian? Because, if you want to talk about strange bedfellows, that party really has them. And where else would a moderate go?

This middle-of-the-road stance seems very reasonable to a lot of Christians today. Who don’t want to appear partisan. Who don’t want to offend people because of their political stance.

And all of this is done, supposedly, to keep Christians as open to as many people as possible; eliminating politics as a stumbling block for reaching people with the gospel.


Moral Choices are Unavoidable

Unfortunately, many pastors and church leaders like this idea.

Because they can avoid taking a public political position.

Or, at least, avoid any controversy caused by backing a leader or movement that some people in a congregation may not like. Especially avoiding giving offense to the younger leaders and the youth who attend college and who are so deeply influenced by the unrelenting onslaught of academic, liberal propaganda.

Which they mistakenly interpret as News and Fact.

And, of course, this middle-of-the-road method makes leaders feel more diplomatic. More thoughtful. More sensitive. More reasonable and more open to the opinions of others.

Not Every Opinion Matters

A while back, my brother, Ed, showed me a note he keeps in his wallet. It was a simple, yet profound statement. It said, “Not all opinions are of equal value. Especially if they are wrong.

Simple, straight forward, and absolutely right.

Right and wrong still exist in this age of Post-modern wishy-washiness.

We live in a culture where we are expected to give all opinions an equal hearing. And, while I am willing to listen to what someone says, that is only up to a point. Right up to where I realize that they are wrong.

Now, you might say, “Who am I to say that they are wrong?”

Well, if I follow the Post-Modern mentality that all people have their own reality, or their own code, and that there are no absolutes, then there will be no end to opinions.

Because, according to Post-modern theology, everyone has their own reality. Where truth is what they decide it is.

Which is why former President Clinton said that it all depends upon “What is, is.”

A perfect example of the Post-Modern denial of moral absolutes.

The Illusion of Middle Ground

But, as Christians, we are Not blindly dog-paddling in some moral or intellectual soup. Or some giant spiritual stew.

Because, if someone is truly a believer, his salvation and identity is based upon biblical absolutes. Upon moral, social, and spiritual absolutes.

Even based on Propositional Truth. Which Post-Modernism and the Emergent-church movement rejects.

But the culture around us, including the political culture, is controlled by unseen spiritual forces; which a Christian must choose to support or reject.

We cannot pretend that there is some mythical middle ground that is a safe haven for a believer to take. As if we are trying to create some church version of “safe space” – which modern college students are so enamored with.

Beware of Mr. Nice Guy

And, even though we may choose to not actively engage in the popular political machines, we must still take clear positions for or against the stated beliefs, legislative histories, and promised future actions of candidates.

Those candidates are not to be evaluated as we would in choosing a pastor, a deacon, or a new member in a church; but they must still be evaluated based on the moral and spiritual effect they will have on the land in which we live.

We are not electing choir boys or Boy Scouts. And we shouldn’t stupidly latch onto those who pretend to be nice guys; forgetting that they may actually be ravenous wolves.

Because, even if a person may be outwardly course and lack the well-mannered polish that most bureaucrats and politicians have perfected, that does not mean that they are not solid, good leaders.

As opposed to those leaders who can so easily manipulate the emotional sentimentalities of the modern Evangelical church.

What we should be paying attention to is if a candidate is promoting moral wickedness, or lawlessness, or rioting, or the murder of unborn (or newly born) children, or the government-sanctioned theft of private property.

Which is what Christian leaders who are promoting Socialism are really doing. Whether they realize it or not.

Wake UP!

We are at a dangerous turning point in our country.

We must no longer behave as naive, Evangelical children. Who think we live in some benign culture that values the gospel and the Lord Jesus Christ.

We are living at a time when the forces of the Progressive Left are poised to seize control of our lives and silence the free flow of the gospel in our country.

This is not alarmist talk. This is the stark reality we face at this pivotal moment in history.

And it is time for Evangelicals to wake up and face reality.