Meerkats 4

Man, is that true.

And these days, you may not be able to please anyone. Because everyone seems offended by everything. Whatever you say, someone is ready to call their lawyer to shut you up.

Political and cultural correctness has us by the throat. Just daring us to say another word. To just take one more wrong step.

Are we still “the land of the free”? Can we truly say what we believe? Do we really have “freedom of religion” in America today?

The Intolerance of the Universalist

Is it still legal to be a Christian? What about a Fundamentalist? What about those who explain what the Bible says on a cultural, sexual or touchy subject?

Is it now a legal offense to even quote the Bible? Is God’s word to be silenced as well?

So how does all this jive with the “Coexist” stuff? You know, like the bumper sticker you see everywhere. Where we are told to respect all religions.

I just saw that Harvard is going to remove a phrase from their official “hymn”. Something that has been in there for about 183 years.

When I first heard that story, I knew what it was about. Even knowing nothing about the specific story, I could anticipate what was coming. This is all about a spiritual phrase in their old school hymn that they could no longer tolerate; because it was not “inclusive”.

The phrase referenced “the stock of the Puritans” who founded the school.

Do any of the geniuses at Harvard actually know who the Puritans really were? Do they understand how important Puritan beliefs were to the foundation of this country? How our laws and culture, much of the good stuff, can be traced back to these people who fled the religious persecutions of Europe?

The Puritans were not a perfect people. And what they taught may not have been the gospel. But they had a doctrinal and moral foundation that started our country in the right direction.

It is really no surprise to see Harvard do this. Most all the original colleges and universities, that started out biblicaly sound, have fallen into spiritual apostasy. Even though they continue to market their early-American heritage to the parents wealthy enough to send their kids there.

But most have long-abandoned any real identity with the beliefs upon which the schools were founded.

When the Bible and the Gospel Have Free Course

In the same way, most Americans fail to understand that God has blessed us because we have allowed the Bible and biblical truth to have free course in this country.

There is a direct correlation between the decline in free biblical expression and the decline in God’s protection of our nation. As the free expression in public, civil and private life has been ridiculed and cut away, our country has seen a decline in its prosperity.

As we have rejected the Bible, God has rejected us.

There really isn’t any other tangible reason why God has not allowed us to go the way of  other civilizations before us. We simply do not possess some special form of righteousness, in our selves, that merits His favor.

This country has increasingly moved away from biblical truth and practice toward a hedonistic, universalist culture. Where any religion will do.

Except, of course, a zealous biblical faith.

Oh no! Anything but that!