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Years ago, I took a college course in how to recognize false cults and religions. While studying, it became apparent that false religions are generally born out of errors concerning the character of God, the Word of God, or the nature of Salvation. All of this based on the Bible alone as the final authority.

A great percentage of those false teachings deal with some aspect of the Person, character and work of Jesus Christ specifically.

The Bible places Jesus Christ at the center of our faith. He is to be the main focus. The Father and the Holy Spirit have ordained this order. That “Christ may be all in all”.

The Mediator

Christ is the only Mediator between God and man. There is no Other in Heaven or earth that we can go to. No one else that we should revere, adore, worship and commune with. We must go to Him alone. Period.

There are those that teach that Mary, the earthly mother of Jesus, is a co-mediator with Christ. And that she is the one we should revere, adore, and talk to. That she will then go to Jesus on our behalf. Because of a presumed “mother and son” relationship that extends into the heavenly realm.

But Mary was a sinner like we are and in need of the same salvation that we all need. She was not born without sin. She sinned as we do. She was only saved due to her resting fully on Christ alone. As we must.

Any teaching about a co-mediator leads people away from dependence on Christ alone for Salvation. Salvation is in none other than Christ. Exclusively.

Some also seek help from men and women who have died. Some call them “saints”. But no man nor woman, other than Christ, has ever lived that answers our prayers and deserves our devotion and adoration. That is idolatry, even Necromancy, according to the Bible. Idolatry is a worshipping of, making or bowing down to an image of a man or woman, or praying to anyone other than God. And God doesn’t even want us to make images of Him.

Just a note here. When we speak of Necromancy, we are talking about speaking to the dead. There are a lot of shows on TV today where people foolishly think they are talking to ghosts. They are actually talking to demonic entities. Whatever appearances they have and whatever things they say are designed to deceive the researchers and those that watch the programs. Keep that in mind when you see that stuff.

While some of these events may be hoaxes created by clever producers, some of that stuff may be genuine paranormal contacts. But it is not what people think it is.

The Sufficiency of Christ

Whenever we add anyone as a Mediator, we are claiming that Jesus Christ is not sufficient. The Bible warns us of this repeatedly in no uncertain terms. In the letter to the Hebrews, we are warned against “trampling under foot the Son of God”, counting “the blood of the covenant an unworthy thing” and “doing despite unto the Spirit of grace”.

Those three warnings deal essentially with the purity and sufficiency of Christ. We trample under foot the Son of God whenever we seek some additional help apart from Him. For it pleased the Father that in Christ should “all fullness dwell.”

Are you trusting in the sufficiency of Christ alone?

Are you counting on adding any of your good works to His? Are you counting on the good works of others to help you before God? There are those that teach that all the good works of past Christians, all the money paid to the Church, all the prayers said, all the worship services held, go into some vast spiritual “Treasury” that priests disperse to the penitent for the forgiveness of sins. To “fill up” what they believe is lacking in the work and suffering of Christ for Salvation.

Dr. Bob Jones, Jr. often said, “All the religions of the world say, ‘Do’. But the Bible says, ‘Done‘.”

Yes! “It is Finished!” Christ has finished the work. His work is worthy. His work is complete. He offered Himself as the one sacrifice for all sins forever. Then He sat down at the right hand of God. The Great High Priest will never need to offer another sacrifice. No human priest, pastor, prophet or rabbi can offer any additional sacrifice that can ever take away a single sin.

Our Only Hope

The Father saw the blood of His Son, the travail of the soul of His Son, and was “satisfied”. The question each religion of the world has to deal with is: Are we satisfied with the blood of Christ? Are we resting in the finished work of Christ?

No hemming and hawing around here. It is a clear choice. No adding to His work. Only resting and believing in the eternal cleansing and efficacy of His blood. That finished work and that cleansing blood is applied to each individual that, by faith alone, rests in Christ alone.

The reason is simple. Only Jesus Christ is worthy. This is the core of the Biblical Christian faith. In Revelation, when one is sought to open the book, Christ is the only One found worthy. We cannot make too much of this. For it is in Christ alone that we have hope.