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First Day. First Post.

This site has been created in the hope of helping Christians know Jesus Christ more deeply. To know Him as our First Love. To keep His words and to abide in Him.

It is our plan to offer a special combination of truths. To fill the gaps of teaching that often exist in our churches. Where vital truths are often missing for one unknown reason or another.

These are not new ideas, but those not generally taught, in fullness, in Bible churches. A Christian must have the whole counsel of God to safely navigate through this dark world.

We will explore Christ in you; this wonderful truth from Paul’s letter to the Colossians that allows the Lord to live His life through us. We will discuss Paul’s own struggle with sin and how he grew to depend on the indwelling Lord Jesus Christ, Himself, as his very Life.

We will sound the doctrinal depths found in God’s Word. And we will remind readers of God’s promise to perfectly preserve all his words from generation to generation. The only English translation based upon the preserved, Received Text is the King James Bible. This site will seek to provide solid textual history, in-depth analysis of translation methods and translation comparisons to restore confidence in the KJV. To provide support not based on simple tradition or preference, but upon clear Biblical doctrine that allows each believer to discern the “certainty of the words of truth”.

Defense of a Young-Earth Creation will also be a major aspect of this blog. A Christian will find help here for taking his stand on the literal accuracy of the scriptures; a literal accuracy that begins with the first words of Genesis to the last words of Revelation. And to find a proper view of science that is in harmony with the Bible.

Defending the faith involves our understanding of the dangerous trends that are mobilizing against us. This includes the exposure of the Emergent Church, the Church Growth and the New Evangelical movements. These are only a few of those we will explore.

This is a place to lift the Words of God above all else. To explore the mysteries of this life and eternity with an open mind. And to provide honest answers, as best we know how, to all who ask.

But we hope to have fun here as well. There are many questions to consider. What about UFO’s? What about ancient civilizations, the paranormal, the Force of Star Wars, and even Bigfoot?!

Yes, even Sasquatch.

Above all, it is our hope that you will find both rest and life in Christ here.

And that you will come away from the table satisfied. Filled with a “chicken dinner for  your soul”.