Man Face Camouflage

It’s necessary to expose something developing beneath the surface of the Evangelical church. Something that few see or are just unwilling to acknowledge.

That Evangelical leadership is changing the church into a Progressive-oriented culture.

Mainstream Evangelicalism is conforming to the culture of the world. While trying to appear as if it’s not conforming to the world. While trying to maintain an outward show of faithfulness to the gospel. With an outward show of good works, kind words, diplomatic talk, and a selectively-positive gospel message.

While avoiding any association with the Conservative political or social culture.

While trimming back solid doctrinal teaching and neglecting the defense of the faith.

Refusing to point out doctrinal error or false teachers in the church.

Selective Idolatry

This is called, “Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof:” (II Timothy 3:5)

One of the main ways the popular church is doing this is by separating itself from the Conservative social, religious, and political realms. By charging those who believe in Nationalism, Conservatism, the Republican Party, the MAGA movement, President Trump, Individualism, or Americanism as engaging in idolatry.

The same leaders are not also warning against the “idolatry” of Progressivism, Liberalism, the Democratic Party, Socialism, and Leftist activism. In other words, they are selective in their preaching against idolatry. They are selective in the direction they are moving the church. 

Claiming to be concerned about morality and civility and kindness. Claiming to be concerned about social justice, the poor, the sick, and so many other problems of the world.

All of this emphasis is designed to move the church away from the Conservative political and social realms. And to set aside the battle against sexual perversion, abortion, and government collectivism. To make these secondary issues. 

In order to create a new Moderate identity for Evangelicals.  

In order to place Evangelicals above the “dirty world of politics”. To rise above all the angry, unkind, and disrespectful dialogue that is occurring in the public forum. To return to a time when the language and rhetoric was more kind and diplomatic. 

To create a kinder, gentler Evangelicalism.

The Coming Split in the Churches

However, this new identity does Not focus on biblical truth; instead, it focuses on good deeds, kind words, and kind dialogue with religious groups that do not preach the gospel. Making friends with enemies of the gospel in order to do good works with them.  

On the one hand, the church is moving away from biblical truth; while, on the other hand, it’s swerving into an increasingly ecumenical form of activism. Without actually calling it, “activism”. 

This accomplishes some special “advantages” for the Evangelical:

  1. It allows for the transition from traditional, conservative worship and teaching that the younger leaders in the church have been demanding for a long time. To cast off the “legalism” of the past. 
  2. It helps the church to avoid being singled out by the media or the government for taking a position that is contrary to the rising Progressive culture. Thereby, theoretically, avoiding being harassed or shut down by a government hostile to biblical Christianity.  
  3. It allows for increased fellowship with the apostasy of the Mainline denominations. By joining with their good-work ministries. Thereby avoiding controversies over doctrine; controversies that are fueled by the Conservative Evangelicals and Fundamentalists. 

All of these things are being done by design. Those that oppose this thinking will be marginalized in our churches. 

This movement is not occurring in some obscure corner. This is what the major Evangelical schools are teaching. This is what the major Evangelical denominations are accepting. This is what the popular Evangelical leaders, authors, and speakers are saying. 

The end result of all this will, ultimately, cause a major split in the Evangelical churches. This is inevitable as pastors and leaders are more open and honest about their true sympathies. 

As the veil of subtlety is removed. And true allegiances are revealed. 


Image by Engin Akyurt from Pixabay