1620 Plymouth Rock

Remove not the ancient landmark, which thy fathers have set.” (Proverbs 22:28)

In defiance of this warning, the word of God is being removed from our country. And from the world at large.

The American Constitution is also being ignored by leaders controlling our government. Who also are censoring our limited means of communication with each other.

A Scheme Comes Together

These leaders long to eliminate the Bible and the Constitution. For generations, they have schemed to acquire full control of our government. Where the people would no longer have any power to hold back the changes that elitists want to implement.

To replace Constitutional law with something else.

To silence biblical language and biblical teaching. In the schools, in the halls of government, and in the social media where free speech used to freely flow.

They are doing this while they speak of “love”, of “tolerance”, of “coming together”, and of “unity”. They speak of many such things. There is no end of their speaking about these things.

Even as they destroy the only true source of unity that we have known in our country.

The Way of the Thief

This, of course, is the way of the thief.

Who speaks flattering words and offers pledges. While, with sleight of hand, he steals our freedoms, our rights, and our financial futures.

This is happening right now, in our government. Even as they promise relief and freedom, they lock us down.

Shutting us down physically, socially, religiously, economically, and in our communication with each other.

Even our words are being locked down. The words that we say. And how we say them. Limiting the thoughts that can be expressed openly.

The Way of Life Obscured

But this is not something limited only to the government and the social media; this is also happening in the churches. Even in so-called “Bible churches”.

Many churches have allowed the word of God to become secondary in their ministries.

They have set the word of God on a level below many other “good things”; and, consequently, have jumped onto a false bandwagon of promised unity. Riding a false wave of hope in coming together with the culture. Hoping to save the culture. Hoping to be relevant to the culture.

They have bought into a lie; because, like the Civil authorities, they also have allowed the Ancient Landmark, the word of God, to be removed from their midst. Removed from its place of ultimate authority over all that they do.

They have allowed the word of God to become less relevant in the way that they “do church”. In the way that they “unpack” their “discussions” to their congregations.

The word of God is removed by neglect. And by choosing to follow other voices. To follow after the books, and podcasts, and seminars, and sermon series of popular Evangelical leaders.

Allowing the focus of the churches to move away from doctrine and truth. Even characterizing the fervent pursuit of doctrine and truth as a form of idolatry. Or as legalism. Or as Pharisee-ism.

This Ancient landmark is being replaced by a thousand other things. “Good things” that will keep the people occupied in programs and outreaches, and coalitions. Occupied in the growing trend of Christian activism. That has subtly become aligned with the Progressive and Liberal movements of the world.

All this is going on as we watch the Bible being changed. The words of God changed. The words of God allegorized and symbolized. The plain, simple meaning of God’s words doubted. The authority and accuracy of the words rejected.

Leaving the church and the world without a clear path. Leaving them only with confidence in their own good intentions. Losing the path, the way of life, as the landmarks are changed, moved, or taken away altogether.

Image by Robin Booker from Pixabay (Plymouth Rock)