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How much longer will we have the right to freely express our beliefs? Including our disagreements with, our doubts about, or even our grievances against the government in power?

You know, the same kind of accusations and grievances we listened to from the media and the Liberals for the last 4 years. While we endured every conceivable insult and charge they could imagine against the President and Conservatives in general.

But \with all that has happened since the recent presidential election, it appears we are witnessing the unhindered rise of Liberal Fascism in our country. Which is something I never thought would happen in my lifetime.

We were always warned that it was the Right Wing we should fear. That all those “evil” Conservatives were Fascists. And that the Fundamental Christians wanted to establish a Theocracy.

But the reality we now face is the exact opposite of those scenarios.

What is really happening is mind-boggling.

What Progressivism Really Is

All that the Liberals said that they hated, they are now doing.

All that the 60’s radicals said that they hated, they are now embracing.

They are using the same tactics to advance their agenda that they have condemned others for using. They are using intimidation by the popular media and the power of the government to institute a kind of witch-hunt against any opinions they don’t like.

Nothing more, nothing less.

Is this Diversity and Tolerance?

It is a simple case of eliminating any opposing viewpoint. They are not even listening to other viewpoints. Just obliterating it. Painting every political and social view they don’t like as something dangerous. Characterizing us as enemies of the state. As insurrectionists.

They are demonizing normal people. Normal citizens of this country who hold opinions that differ from the popular thinking.

Isn’t this contrary to what they always said they were champions of? Believing in the free-flow of ideas/

How does this fit in with their incessant call for diversity and tolerance?

They are against any “facts” they disagree with. Against any “information” they wish to silence. To cut off from the American people one of the most sacred rights guaranteed under the Constitution of our country.

They are causing fear and worry in the hearts of half the population of this country. Making people fearful to express their normal doubts and concerns; which is common to have toward the Socialist/Progressive policies of the Left. Policies that were, in the past, implemented by enemies of our country. Implemented by those who were opposed to our American Republic. And who opposed to all the human rights we hold so dear.

The Left’s policies now threaten anyone who would dare to cast any doubt over the recent election process. The same doubts which were freely and constantly expressed from virtually every media outlet over the last 4 years.

But which, now, are forbidden expression.

What is the Difference?

So, what has changed in the last few months to demand a change in the right to free expression?

Why are the laws that protect our freedoms being ignored? By what legal authority has this been done?

The current culture and government believes their cause is just. And that any disagreement with their cause must be stopped. And that they must achieve dominance by whatever means is necessary.

Not a Physical Kingdom

So, what is a Christian to do?

First of all, we must remember what the Lord Jesus Christ said to Pontius Pilate.

Jesus answered, My kingdom is not of this world: if my kingdom were of this world, then would my servants fight, that I should not be delivered to the Jews: but now is my kingdom not from hence.” (John 18:36)

Every Christian must remember this in the midst of all this turmoil. Especially as people try to bully or coerce us into supporting their causes and coalitions. Demanding we must stand and be counted with them.

Or threatening us if we refuse to deny the things we believe and the people we support. Under threat of being politically, socially, or otherwise silenced. Because the powers that be want to discredit, demonize, and crush every opposing political view.

Imagine, a generation ago, if someone would have said that an American government would arise that would make it a crime to support a particular candidate?!

That would have been unthinkable. That is the kind of thing done in a banana republic or a Communist state.

But Not in America!

Not Exiles Yet

Even so, in the face of all this, Christians are not called to establish an earthly kingdom. We are not called to build a political party or organization. We are not here to establish a Christian power base.

We are not even called to form Coalitions. We are not called to join up with false religious groups to fight immoral actions or to fight an immoral culture. Not even to make a statement or proclaim some Christian manifesto.

That does Not mean we are forbidden to voice our political opinions. Nor to campaign or support those whom we believe will do good things in civil office.

Those are our rights and duties as citizens of this country. Although we are “not of this world“, we are still “in it“. And we are not exiles yet. Not quite yet.

We still have rights. Even we “evil” and “hateful” Conservatives and Christians still have rights.

Unless, somehow, the Constitution is no longer valid? Or the Bill of Rights is no longer in effect? Assuming they are still in effect. Unless somehow, they also, like the election process, were also stol …. uh… uh … creatively manipulated in the middle of the night, by the incoming government?

Jesus is Pre-Eminent

We must, however, keep these things in perspective. It is a question of the preeminence that the Lord has in our lives. The authority He has over all our endeavors.

Christians are called to be wise, to be circumspect, and to be aware of what is going on. But we are also called to be “harmless as doves“.

Our first allegiance is to Christ. To be in submission to Him. And to His Laws. And to all the good laws which our country has passed. To all those laws that are passed in accordance with His word.

We are called to be an influence for good in our culture, and to influence political powers and legislative measures; even to pray for those who are in power that we do not agree with. And to submit to their authority as they submit to the Lord.

But we are not called to make the world a better place. This world is not our home. And we do not have time to be distracted from our first calling and our First Love. This world is corrupt. And the Lord will deal with it in His own way, by His own hand, in His own way.

We Are called to lead men to Christ. To help them know His word. And to help them grow in Him as their Savior and Lord.

Image by Wikilmages from Pixabay