Smiley Faces Happy

It occurred to me that one of the reasons the Left is so determined to limit the opinions of Conservatives and Christians is about maintaining good vibes.

To explain this, we have to go back to the 60s where the Hippies were always talking about catching good vibes. Interestingly, a lot of those same 60s free spirits have now assumed the highest offices in the land; and they are still looking for those good vibes.

Now, that doesn’t sound so bad. It just boils down to what they’re willing to do to get them.

And how far they’re willing to go to keep them.

The mindset of those 60s free spirits was to seek happy experiences, spiritual enlightenment and sensual ecstasy. To seek the good life. To avoid anyone that might cast a dark shadow over their gig. And to get away from those that would bring them down

And no one is more likely to do that, in the minds of the Progressives, than the Right Wing Conservative. (Whatever they think that term really means.) 

And, of course, the Fundamental Christian. Of which I am one. 

Environment and Behavior

Now the process of catching good vibes is important because it comes from believing that we can control our reality with our thoughts. That we can control our feelings and happiness by controlling the environment around us.

This is based on the idea that man is a product of his environment. That his environment causes him to do good things. And it causes him to do bad things. 

Therefore, it is critical that the environment is shaped to produce the spiritual effect that one desires. 

In fact, the entire field of behavioral psychology is based on this premise. That man’s actions, good or bad, are a direct result of the environment that he is in. So that criminal behavior or bad behavior is a direct result of bad influences in ones life.

In other words, a direct and unbreakable cause and effect exists between environment and behavior. 

This is not true.

Nevertheless, this is a major doctrine of this age. That man is not a sinner. That man is not guilty for what he does. Because his environment is the cause of his behavior. 

Mind Control

So, you can see how critical this is for those who believe this doctrine. It is imperative that they control society.

And this is not simply about controlling ones own attitudes or ones own moods, but controlling ones physical Reality itself. 

This thinking comes in a thousand different flavors. It is a theory applied in business, in sports, and in religious sects all over the world.

The Christian Science religion is a perfect example of this. We can see in their beliefs that ones health is controlled by ones mind. If a person is sick, it is because he is not thinking in the proper positive manner. If a person is well, then he is thinking properly. 

So, all these techniques have been developed to affect the world by our personally controlling what we hear, what we see, who we interact with, what they say to us, and on and on. All to create a positive environment that will reinforce whatever Reality we wish to create.

No Tolerance

Progressives will only tolerate positive reinforcement in their pursuits. They want No opposition. No argument. No debate. No discussion. Nothing that might interfere with their control over their plans. 

Because they believe that opposition is why their Socialist and Collective ideas have never worked. Why, in the real tangible world, these ideas have resulted in poverty, totalitarianism, and horrible purges in many nations throughout history.

Because Progressives firmly believe that failure was due to the absence of full control. They didn’t have absolute control over every aspect of their environment to bring about their Utopia. Because there have always been those who have disagreed. There have always been those who messed up their gig. 

Why do you think Hitler exterminated the Jews? Why did Stalin murder millions? Why did Mao and other Southeast Asian regimes murders millions?

Because they disagreed with those who were in power. With those wanting their perfect, collective Utopia.

A New Religious Theocracy

Progressivism is actually a religion. Though Progressives would deny this. 

And this religion has a powerful affect over its disciples.

A cursory look at the average college campus is a prime example. The rage of students against any kind of Conservatism is frightening. They are absolutely unwilling to consider anything they don’t like. They are absolutely unwilling to listen to anything that is not in line with their view of reality. 

Progressive college students have all the emotional characteristics of people caught up in a cult. Who can’t think for themselves. Who have given themselves over to the high priests of our culture — the Academics.

These are zealots willing to risk all for a cause they don’t really understand. And have shut out the real world of differing ideas. While attending schools which were originally designed to train them to calmly and logically consider differing ideas. 

The bottom line: Conservatives and Christians mess up the good vibes of Liberals.

They mess up their creamy mellowness. 


Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay