We have rules in this country.

Following the Rule of Law is essential to the preservation of Freedom.

Those rules apply to everyone.

Individuals, at all levels of power, must follow those rules; as the rest of us do.

Many individuals, currently in authority, are not following the rules.

Our lives and our country will be torn apart unless those in authority stop making excuses for not following the rules.


It is obvious to everyone with eyes and a brain that the Constitution is being ignored by the current Presidential administration and the Liberally-controlled Congress.

They are ruling outside the law in order to accomplish their Progressive goals. Everything they are doing is based on their presumption that they have been give a “mandate” to do whatever they believe is best for us.  

A “mandate” that could never be pushed forward if the normal process of law and order were being followed. 

The law requires discussion. It requires full debate. It requires the full disclosure by the media of all concerns on any given matter. Not merely those that pass the “acceptable-information test” of the powers that be. 

But, somehow, this is not being reported by the mainstream media. Somehow this is not being challenged by those whom we have elected to defend our rights?

A government that is by the people and for the people. For all people. Not simply for those who voted for those currently in power. 

The government is elected to preserve and protect the rights of all the people. 

These are Rights that are given to the people by God; not by the government. 

Only a few in government seem to be standing up to defend the rights of Conservatives. And only a few voices in the media are speaking out in defense of those being silenced. 

It’s as if, overnight, we lost our most basic rights as American citizens. 

So, what is the biblical Christian supposed to do?

By the Lord’s Own Hand  

To “pray without ceasing“, is the answer. 

To pray that the Truth will be brought to light.

To pray that the bright light of day will shine in on the corruption and manipulation that is taking place. That the powers of wickedness in high places will be overthrown by God’s own hand.

Not by the might of men or movements or violence or threats. 

But, by the personal hand of God Himself. 

So that men may clearly see that the Lord Jesus Christ works supernaturally against Satan and those who wittingly, and unwittingly, follow him.

To see that the Lord does not need political, military, or any other physical forces to accomplish His purposes. That He can do whatever He wants by His own omnipotent hand. 

Because, if the Lord wills it so, this Take-Over will not stand.

If He wills it so, the forces of darkness that are enveloping our nation might, for a time, be pushed back.

Until the Day of the Lord does indeed come. As it most certainly will.

Let us pray fervently for the Lord’s will to be done. And, if He wills, for His Spirit to deliver this nation from evil. 

But I will have mercy upon the house of Judah, and will save them by the LORD their God, and will not save them by bow, nor by sword, nor by battle, by horses, nor by horsemen.” (Hosea 1:7)


Image by Free-Photo from Pixabay