Hymn Hands Uplifted

Taking the extreme here, consider this verse that often confuses believers over the issue of forgiveness.

“…there remaineth no more sacrifice for sins…” (Hebrews 10:26-31).

This verse is often misunderstood regarding how sin, in a believer’s life, might cause him to lose his salvation. And, having sinned, is left without remedy.

However, it doesn’t mean that.

It means that the Lord has already provided us with everything we need. Whenever we sin.

It means nothing remains to be done in order to have forgiveness.

In other words, there is NO additional work to be done. There is NO additional forgiveness one must search for beyond the complete sufficiency of Jesus Christ.

And this is where we get messed up. We fail to grasp the awesome and infinite cleansing power of the Lord Jesus Christ and His blood shed for us on the Cross.  

To think otherwise, places us in a position of always looking for something else. Forever in search of some additional Christian experience. Some additional Christian work that He must do for us. 

OR, that we must do for Him to get back into fellowship. OR, to remain in fellowship. 

The Total Sufficiency of Christ

I don’t want to trivialize the grief our sin causes the Lord, but we must understand that every sin we have ever committed in the past, in the present and in the future has already been paid for by Christ on the Cross. One sacrifice was made for all sins forever.

All sins have been fully paid for. In every way possible.  

Read the book of Hebrews through carefully. The “DONE” idea is all over the place. It is Finished. Forever.

In our spirits, we know when we do things we shouldn’t do. And the Holy Spirit brings those things into the light of our conscience.

So, we go to the Lord and admit what we have done and then THANK HIM for what He has done.

We thank Him that the forgiveness issue is settled. Thank Him for the love that He has shown to us forever. Thank Him that the full demands of the Law and Judgment against our sins has already been satisfied.

God is satisfied with His Son.

Therefore, we must be satisfied with Him as well. We should be totally satisfied with Him. 

We should be totally confident that the Son of God, who dwells within us, is totally satisfying to God. 

Christ in You

When we fail to look at the Christ in us, we end up trying to get ourselves into some perfect state. Which is not possible.

Our looking within at our sins, in order to get all things in order, only brings grief. There is nothing good to see there, inside ourselves. Nothing but the view of an outhouse basement. 

But looking at the Lord within us is something else.

Our everlasting Hope is the Lord Jesus who dwells within us. As Paul said in Colossians 1:27. 

As a Christian, you are already forgiven. Thank Him for that.

The Lord is not surprised by our failures. He knows what manner of men we are. It is WE who are surprised by our sins.

He doesn’t want us to continue to do those things we do wrong. Including the habitual sins and besetting sins.

But, the beginning of our victory over every sin in our lives, is to understand that HE is our Victory, He is our Strength, He is the Holy One of God, and He is our Sanctification.

Our victory over sin is not something we achieve. It is what He is.

He wants us to know our weakness, to be open about them to him, and then to rest in all that He has provided for us in Himself. 

Image by Vickie McCarty from Pixabay