Woman Monkey Mouth

What you read and what you listen to changes how you think.

Consider how the television, radio, and social media influences your view of the world.

90% of the opinion in this country is controlled, dominated, and manipulated toward one specific political and social mindset. Which is Progressive Liberalism.

The other 10% is desperately struggling for the simple right to be heard. Conservatives, Moderates, Libertarians.

So, what is all this crap that the mainstream culture has against those of us who listen to Fox News, or OAN, or Sky News, or Newsmax?

What are the Liberal, mainstream media and government bureaucrats afraid of?

They already control most of what we see and hear. While they force-feed their version of truth to America. And they tell us what to think. They demand what we must think.

But, since there still remains a small sliver of the media that they don’t yet control, they are determined to silence and eradicate it.

Open Minded?

I thought the mainstream media was supposed to be open-minded. That they wanted to consider all things. You know, like that PBS show called, “All Things Considered“?

However, on PBS, what you really get is 100% Liberalism, 100% of the time.

What “All Things Consideredreally means, is that they consider 1001 versions of Liberalism. Just like the Universities and Colleges. Who deceive the students into believing that they are getting a well-rounded exposure to thought. That they are receiving a good representation of all dissenting opinions.

But where does one find any real evidence of well-roundedness in our culture?

Forget it. University students are, for the most part, all of the same stripe. Secular, Progressive Liberals. And very zealously so, at that. Even rabidly so.

Who actually believe themselves to be individualists, intellectuals, and free thinkers.

The reality is, only Liberal and Progressive things are considered. All other opinions are labeled as “Right-Wing Extremist”, “Conspiracy Theory”, or “Racist Bigotry”.

The Wall is Going Up

And so, it begins.

To even call into question the mainstream media’s position, is now classified as, “Terrorism” or even as “Treason” by some political leaders.

What other things will soon be classified as, “Terrorism”, by the mainstream media and the bureaucratic elites?

The lines are forming. The boundaries are already being established. The laws are being formulated.

The Progressive Left is not what it pretends to be.

While they promise freedom and tolerance, they enact policies that restrict language, eliminate debate, and demonize those who disagree.

And they suppress the free-flow of ideas and information. They hold it back from the American public to evaluate for themselves. So they can be informed.

So that the public can choose what is true and what is false.

I guess “freedom” has a new definition in this new, tolerant, loving regime that is coming our way.

Image by Oscar Castillo from Pixabay