Statue of Liberty Clouds Turmoil

One of the most effective means to pull a great scam is to create a bogus cause. To create the illusion that something needs to be done.

You create a crisis and then offer the solution to that crisis; then hide a bad program within the solution

You do this even if the solution is an illegal one. Even if it is an incredibly unethical one. Even if, by doing it, you will create terrible chaos.

Advancing the Progressive Agenda

In order to deceive the public, many Progressives teach the following:

One should always try to create the impression that someone is being socially, racially, economically, sexually, or otherwise harmed by an existing Conservative program. To reinforce how evil Conservatives are. How Conservatives don’t really care about people.

Then you can push the Progressive solution through. Even if the means of pushing it is illegal, un-Constitutional, or unethical.

Even if one has to lie, cheat, or steal to get it done. Just do it.

Then you can claim that those who are criticizing it are just poor sports. That they are crazy. That they are making stuff up.

That there is just “nothing to see here“. “Everyone just move along” and don’t pay attention to what you think might be happening.

And how would anyone ever know that this is being done?

Especially if the mainstream media is complicit in the coverup.

By refusing to give any coverage at all about the election scam. And running interference, against Conservative pushback, for every Progressive plan.

In this way, one can steal an election. And, consequently, the country.

No More Mail-In Ballots

I’m really talking about the whole idea of Mail-in ballots. 

Not Absentee Ballots. But Mail-in ballots. 

It’s a reasonable thing to require confirmation that the person voting is whom they say they are. That the signature on the ballot is the same as the signature of the person filling out the ballot. And that the both signatures actually belong to the person filling out the ballot!

This is why voting in person and Absentee Ballots (which have been specifically requested, in advance, by the voter) should be the ONLY way that voting takes place.


The Few Will Rule over All 

Why is this so hard to comprehend? 

This is a No-Brainer. 

Voting is that important. It is critical. An election that is secure and trustworthy is foundational to a free society.

If basic trust in an election process erodes, the society becomes like a Third- World country. Where law is manipulated by those who are clever and powerful. And, where even a majority (as popular as that idea may be right now) is meaningless. 

Because the powerful will rule over them all through stealth and seduction.

A Fear of Openness 

There is no justifiable reason to deviate from openness and fairness. Regardless of the excuse that some people will be unable to vote unless you allow Mail-in’s.

As with so many things today, Liberals and Progressives concoct the same old excuses using bogus humanitarian issues to justify Mail-in’s. That is their go-to strategy. Always.

It seems that every kind of bad idea is wrapped up in the humanitarian package. And the undiscerning populace accepts that packaging. 

To their own detriment. 

The Disappearance of Liberty

What is amazing to me is how our country is being stolen from us as we watch. Right in front of our faces. 

Kind of like a David Copperfield disappearing act. Like when he made the Statue of Liberty disappear right before the eyes of the audience. 

Most Conservatives don’t think in this devious kind of way. Most people I have ever known don’t think this way. 

But Progressive leaders don’t care. They are using every kind of devious and wicked trick they can get away with to steal our rights away from us.

Because they believe that the end justifies the means. 

Therefore, they have given themselves to the Saul Alinsky playbook. The Rules for Radicals. Which is a handbook about the deceptive techniques that radicals should use to accomplish their goals. 

Which are an open declaration to use wicked means to achieve activist ends. Although those who follow Alinsky would not consider themselves wicked, that is what the book teaches. 

Do the Right Thing

The only way to oppose these tactics is for us to always try to do things right.

To insist that all things are done openly, transparently, and with full oversight. And with very strict penalties for every politician or bureaucrat that breaks the rules. 

And for anyone who chooses to help them in their cause. As in helping to break election laws through fraudulent voting, counting, or mishandling of those votes. 

To Do Right Always is the only way for a Christian to live. Because, even if the wicked are able to gain control for a time, they will only prosper for a season

Only for a short season. 

Image by Jackie Ramirez from Pixabay