Boy Hide and Seek

In Kindergarten, you learn to play together.

In order to play together, everyone follows the rules.

Someone cheating or trying to change the rules creates chaos on the playground.

If one learns anything in the first year of school, you learn to obey the rules.

You don’t break the rules. You don’t change the rules because you don’t like them. The rules apply to everyone equally.

To break the rules invalidates the game. Or disqualifies the cheater.

So why then, does the mainstream media and the Democratic Party not follow the rules?

Don’t they understand the rules? Does someone need to explain the rules to them?

Or, maybe, they just don’t give a flying fandango about the rules?

A Nation Without Rules

An election cannot be validated without clarity that all votes were fair. Everyone must follow the same election rules.

An election must maintain strict clarity in the Election process. With complete and open oversight by both sides of all procedures undertaken.

There can be no deviation from this.

This is not complicated. It is not something out of the ordinary.

This is Playground 101. The first day of school.

To Seize Control

So, why the total refusal to allow full oversight by both parties?

Why the total mainstream media blackout about the incredible inconsistency, materialization-after-the-fact, and secrecy-in-validation over mail-in ballots?

It’s because, we are being conditioned, as a people, to follow media opinion instead of Constitutional Law. 

The media is trying to seize control over the normal process of law. 

Plainly and simply. 

The Church is Affected as Well

This is why, even within the Evangelical church, so much compromise is taking place. Because Christians are so easily manipulated by what the mainstream Christian media says, does, and promotes. 

This applies to the leaders who are elevated. The books that are promoted. The thinking that is advanced. The universities and seminaries that are featured. 

All these things affect our thinking as believers. 

Therefore, we must come back to the word of God. We must stop running after all kinds of other things instead of teaching and training in God’s word. 

We are just not as smart as we think we are. We are not as biblically grounded in the word of God as we think we are. 

We are not by a long shot.

We must stop promoting book series, and authors and teachers as the foundation of our sermons. Because, if these writers deviate from the word of God, we will have a problem seeing their deviation. 

Preachers and teachers must get back to the hard work of Bible study and Bible teaching. Not simply looking for bullet points to put into a PowerPoint or for some on-screen sermon that quotes famous contemporary men. Men whose own beliefs are not even carefully examined next to God’s word. 

The True Source of Authority 

The church is changing, just like the secular culture; who have forgotten that this nation and this recent election are governed by rules. By the Constitution of the United States of America. 

We have forgotten that the right and authority to declare the winner of an election does not reside in the popular media. Regardless of the power and widespread acceptance that those media outlets have. 

Right and Authority comes only from specific legal processes granted under the Constitution.

Sorry, but those are the rules. 

So, go back to the classroom and study your Constitution. 

Recess is Over!

Image by 192635 from Pixabay