Hooded Dark Figure

The time is long passed for us to quit following after Christian leaders who promote socialism, social justice, racial justice, and all manner of social reforms that have nothing to do with biblical truth.

That have nothing to do with the gospel.

Much Ado About Nothing

While the Lord certainly taught us the principles of compassion, good will, and charity for others, he did not intend for us to engage in social or political movements.

In reading the scriptures, when did the apostle Paul, speaking under the power and authority of the Holy Spirit, ever require or teach the church to institute a program of socialism? Or to organize a group to oppose the Roman emperor? Or to oppose any government or social authority in an activist way?

While Christian activism is really hip right now, (in the Christian colleges, the seminaries, in the Christian magazines, and in every other popular form of Christian media) the scriptures do not teach any form of this.

It is absent. Glaringly absent from God’s word.

What Jesus Really Said

Nevertheless, Christian activist leaders love to focus on the Sermon on the Mount; using it as a proof text or manifesto for social engagement in the world. 

But the Lord, in that Sermon, is speaking of the character of a godly man. He is speaking of the fruit that is going to be produced within a man who is born again. And who already believes and follows the Lord.

His sermon speaks of those things which will occur in an individual who grows in obedience to Him and to His word. In whom, God’s Spirit will develop fruit for the world to see.

As opposed to making a list of works that a man must do in order to prove to himself, to other men, or to God that he is a Christian.

To somehow legitimize or validate his true Christian identity.

Or to create a list that we must fulfill in order to prove that we love one another.

Like a litmus test. Or a measuring stick of spirituality.

It is, as if, leaders are trying to shift our focus away from truth; moving the focus to love; as if, that is a more noble form of the gospel.

In other words, moving us to a gospel of love, instead of a gospel based on truth and doctrine.

Hammer Time

Popular Christian leaders, who are pushing this new form of the Social Gospel, sell their ideas by elevating love and charity over truth. By denigrating doctrine and those who are passionate and faithful to it.

Their Social Gospel is wielded like a kind of hammer. A hammer that causes fear in the church. Fear that we are falling short of what the Lord wants us to do.

Their hammer of love is used to shame those socially-irrelevant churches who remain stubbornly focused on solid biblical teaching instead of on outreach ministries to the world around them. And to shame those believers that still believe that teaching and preaching are Job One of the church.

A Full-Time Job

The Sermon on the Mount shows us simply what fruits will be produced in the life of a believer. What characteristics should be seen in the life of a person in whom the Lord works.

The Lord never told us to join up with organizations to work for political or social mandates. Nor to join up with a Christian coalition or any other religious group to solve social problems.

Nor to enact political change.

Nor to save the culture.

However, He did tell us, very specifically, to preach His word. And to bring men to a saving knowledge of Himself.

Which is a full-time job, by the way.

The Personal Workmanship of the Lord

So, when do pastors and leaders, who are actually feeding the sheep, have time for all this other stuff? IF they are really engaged in that which is most important?

Job One is to feed those in our care who know the Lord.

To teach them His word. And teach them to walk in the Spirit.

To teach them how to communicate the gospel to the world. And how to respond, with charity, to other believers.

And to do good to those whom the Lord puts in their path, in the world.

We are to patiently guide them as the Lord Himself changes them, one by one; as the Lord makes them what they ought to be by His individual workmanship

One by One

It is a one-by-one proposition.

This quiet, personal work lacks all the sexy, exciting, and fleshly value of a big Christian group getting together for Jesus.

But Jesus was Not a Revolutionary. He wasn’t a Radical. And He wasn’t a Community Organizer.

He was and is God! The King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

And the gospel is Not a movement. It is Not a New Evangelical Social Engagement. Nor is it a Coalition to create a new, woke and aware Christian culture.

A culture that will only change as we bring people to Christ personally – one-by-one.

This is how men will overcome fear, find peace in their hearts; and learn to trust the Lord Himself. To trust Him, who will guide and provide for them, through whatever social, economic, or political turmoil they will encounter in this world.

Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay