Nightmare Hooded Woman

Our American culture is dominated by a spirit of fear.

There is an unmistakable, growing fear in the hearts of the American people.

The question is, “Why?”

What is the real source of this fear?

On the Dangerous Edge

Way back when I was in the Boy Scouts in the 1970s, I took a Red Cross course in Lifesaving (for swimming and water rescue). One of the requirements was to memorize the following from the RC handbook:

Panic, that sudden and unreasoning fear that strikes victims in the face of real or fancied danger, is the primary cause of most all water accidents.

This stresses the role that fear plays in bringing about tragic consequences. Which is exactly where we are right now in our culture. On the edge of a dangerous precipice.

Where fear is being used to manipulate the American public. To usher in drastic controls over our lives. Controls which would never have been considered without the foothold that fear has created.

Fear is More Than an Idea

There are many key players who could be blamed for fanning and orchestrating this scenario. The mainstream media, liberal academia, and the Progressive-Left political culture are all at the top of that list.

But there is one culprit that is consistently overlooked.

And that is the entity called, “Fear”.

We are talking about a host of living beings that sow fear in the hearts of men. Who possess varying talents for creating evil in its countless forms. 

Let’s just call them, “spirits”. Or evil spirits.

Whether we are talking about demons, fallen angels, or Satan himself, these are real creatures that live in the spiritual realm who travel the earth spreading fear among men.

The Influence of Spiritual Entities

Modern Christians give only lip service to the existence of such entities. We tend to believe in them in only an academic way. Not giving much thought to the reality of their influence.

Especially now that Christians have turned to Christian psychology and behavioral-management techniques to solve much of their daily angst.

And who would dare to speak of such things outside of Christian circles; out of fear of being ridiculed as “religious nuts”.

So we remain silent.

But the influence of these spirits has become too pervasive and powerful to ignore. They are killing our nation and our freedoms. And they are  preparing the church for controls that are coming more quickly than we ever anticipated.

They are destroying peace in the hearts of Christians. Who should be standing upon truth and soundness instead of cow-towing to the cultural forces who demand our obedience and submission.

Spiritual Arrogance

This is why, now more than ever, the church needs to get back to the word of God. And to quit messing around with all the other crap that’s been distracting us.

For too long, we have believed ourselves to be biblically solid; while, in reality, we are simply weak and ignorant of spiritual truth.

We have allowed ourselves to become too flippant with the truth.
We have taken the holy things of the Lord for granted. Which is increasingly evident, not only in Evangelicalism, but in Fundamentalism as well.

We have believed ourselves to be so doctrinally sound that we have neglected the deep and solid teaching of the word. We have listened to the false prophets that say that focusing on sound doctrine is the same as idol worship! Where doctrine becomes the idol. 

A Falling Away

So, we have put solid truth on a back burner while we pursue other interests. And have neglected the feeding of the Lord’s people. 

We are told that now is time for the church to go out and engage the world. To become more missional in our purpose. To focus outwardly instead of inwardly. To stop isolating ourselves in a cold, static church environment.

And to busy ourselves in outreach programs, social reforms, and political activism — all in Jesus name, of course.

Which is the exact same siren call, the exact same seduction that led Evangelicals away from doctrinal soundness 100 years ago. When so many churches and leaders walked away from biblical doctrine to embrace a more socially-engaged and intellectually-acceptable way.

The way into the apostasy of the Social Gospel.

To Be Continued . . . 

Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay