The Risk of Saying What You Believe

The other most basic function of government is to protect the right of free speech.

But that has been declining for a long time now.

The only real free speech today is that which the mainstream media and the progressive academic establishment approves. All dissent to the contrary carries great risk.

To speak out against any of the popular protests today will bring dire consequences. Which is why even most Conservatives are silent today. Because they know that the mob will come to their house.

Even to their walled and security-patrolled houses.

And then what will they do?

They will bow the knee.

Why Do Men Bow Down?

The question is, “What exactly are they bowing to?

Bowing down has always been a symbol of submission to a ruling authority — such as to a king. As was demanded in kingdoms during the Middle Ages.

Or as an act of  worship. To worship Jesus Christ. Or to worship another god.

So then, which god are men worshipping today? Which god is now being lifted up?

Or, to what authority are they pledging allegiance?

What new specific authority has now taken control of the mainstream population?

And why are they kneeling so easily?

Usually, the only time you see someone kneeling down in public is when some sports team kneels for prayer. For which, they are predictably ripped apart by the media for the evil transgression of mixing church and state. For introducing a religious observance into a school function.

The New Religion Unveiled

And just what is the name of this new religion that is being forced upon the American people?

And in whose name are they bowing down?

The significance of what is happening at this moment cannot be overstated.

Because, right before our eyes, we are witnessing the public unveiling of a new religious order.

It is uncertain exactly what this new belief system is? Or who will be the high priests of this new order.

Or to which god this new order will demand worship.

Forgotten History

But history has something to say about forced religious observance and public confession? Isn’t there something we have read in the history books about totalitarian religious states?

Can anyone say, “Inquisition” or, “The French Revolution“?

Do the college youth that are fanning the flames of revolt even understand the consequences of what they are doing? Have their university professors even bothered to teach them about these basic, historical disasters?

Isn’t that the most basic task of education? Especially higher education? To teach young people about how the vast majority of the world has met with untold disaster due to religious and political intolerance.

Brought about by the very philosophies that are being spewed by the mainstream media and the liberal academic establishment.

The ugly truth is that there is no neutrality in all this commotion. By that, I mean, that this is not a thing that has developed in a corner. This has taken place right before our eyes.

Even while unknown forces and powers work behind the scenes to push this country into another direction. To deconstruct what America is.

And to re-mold it into something else.

Something that is not about freedom, which has been taken for granted, but into something about control.

A society controlled by those who would force us to tolerate everything except biblical values and biblical truth. Where the laws would protect any speech that elevates sexual deviancy while marginalizing and persecuting morality.

Growing a Tough Hide

Isn’t protection from mob violence and media control over free speech at the very core of American belief?

To create a place of free religious expression and speech? Regardless of what someone else next to me believes.

Where we are all expected to tolerate the opinions of others around us. Not necessarily to accept them or agree with them, but to have civil discourse without fear of violence or threats.

Where we all learn to be tough in standing our ground. Not mean. Not violent. Not threatening.

Where we grow a tough hide. Not expecting everyone around us to necessarily agree with us or to get in line with our beliefs. But still having the freedom to speak our mind without any threat of a person or group coming after us.

The Melting Pot Ideal

This was the melting pot ideal.

Where people with multiple beliefs live together without violence or threat. Learning to talk with each other. Even in heated arguments. And then going home and living quiet, peaceable lives.

And everyone living under the same set of laws. Designed to protect both individuals and their property.

But what has happened to that thinking?

Who is responsible for taking away the most basic of all American freedoms?

And by what authority are our most basic of American rights being denied?

The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun.” (Ecclesiastes 1:9)


Image by Dina Dee from Pixabay