A New Religion That’ll Bring You to Your Knees

As we watch the progressive loss of American liberties, the politicians look on impassively.

Not unlike the Senators of ancient Rome.

Modern Senators are men and women isolated, as most politicians and bureaucrats are, from the daily life and problems that average Americans face. Especially those average people in the vast “flyover country” that spreads out between the East and Left coasts.

You know, all the people that don’t live in the big cities. All the people that basically provide the food and resources that those living in the big metropolitan centers depend upon to survive.

It is amazing to me how the faddish passions and causes that consume those within these big population areas control what the rest of this vast country is supposed to do and think and say.

Who is in Control?

Looking at the results from the last Presidential election should be very instructive to anyone with some basic level of common sense. The results reveal that these metro population centers pretty much vote in unison.

Or, to say it another way, they share the same values and concerns. Which differ dramatically from the beliefs of the rest of the country.

Yet, they are very zealous in making sure that the rest of the country gets in line with their specific values and concerns. At whatever cost.

Which reminds me of the movie series, The Hunger Games. Where a huge city controlled all other areas of the country. Demanding that the rest of the population get in step with whatever the city leadership demanded.

Forcing them to behave and believe as they were told. And speak as they were commanded to speak.

The Isolation of Leaders

Over the years, I’ve read many historical accounts of the Fall of Rome. And watched many TV and movie depictions of that era as well.

The common theme, apart from the moral and spiritual decay of Rome, was the isolation that the politicians had from the rest of the society. The Senators were very wealthy. They lived like kings. While the rest of the population struggled to work and pay the taxes that supported the leadership class.

America is not so different from Rome. In fact, the similarities are striking. While there are exceptions, the higher academic and political classes tend to live on a level above the rest of American culture.

Tragically, our leadership “class” does not act to preserve the basic rights of its people because it is not exposed to the same risks and dangers that the general public are. Most live in very nice homes, sometimes multiple homes, that are protected by walls or security. Paid for by taxes gathered from “the great unwashed”.

When the protests come, the leadership can observe, in safety, from their secure homes. Or from the safety of the highly-secure Capitol in D.C.. Which means, they are not exposed to the same risks that we are.

Which shouldn’t be of any real surprise to the rest of us.

The same goes for the laws that they make. Since the leadership often exempt themselves from those same laws. Such as from the stupidity of the modern healthcare legislation which they have thrust us into.

They don’t suffer as we do under ridiculous insurance premiums or insufferable deductibles. Or the general disintegration of the health system which their legislation has caused.

Again, they live on a different level. Looking down from Olympus upon the rest of us poor, dumb “deplorables”.

They are isolated from the risk. Isolated from the consequences of their own inaction.

Protection from Foes Domestic

American government’s one, prime responsibility is to protect its citizens from “foes both foreign and domestic”.

Local, State, and Federal governments are failing to do that. They have allowed protesters to commit violence, destroy businesses, destroy property, threaten bystanders or those who would disagree with them, and even occupy (like a military group) areas of cities.

In what version of reality does this blatant violation of the law go unchecked? How did we reach a place where our most basic of rights — the protection of one’s own physical self and one’s own property — can go unprotected by those in authority?

Are there not laws to be followed? Is America now a land where the mob is in control? Where anyone with a grievance can shut the country down?

Where a protest can be about about “whatever”?

Seriously, about whatever anyone doesn’t like.

Yet, instead of enforcing the law, our leadership is bowing the knee to those who would protest.

What is everyone really afraid of?

And, to whom or to what, are they really bowing the knee?


To Be Continued . . .