Back when I first started this blog, I mentioned the desire to discuss a wide variety of topics. Such as the Paranormal field, UFOs, and, my personal favorite, Sasquatch.

And to deal with these subjects from a specifically Christian perspective.

Now, many people who come to this sight might have no interest in these topics. Or may think that I should not have any interest in these topics. As if Christians should not think about or discuss such trivial things.

Or that, by discussing this stuff, the Christian message loses credibility. As if to say, that believing in Bigfoot is just foolishness; like believing in Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny.

To which I must reply, What do you mean there’s no Santa Claus?! And are you telling me there is no Easter Bunny?!

The Mysteries of Life

The simple fact is that there are many things in this world that are unexplained. Because we live in a universe that has both a physical and spiritual nature. As Christians, we live with that reality.

Even though the world often seems oblivious to that fact.

In truth, even many people who are not Christians understand that there are mysteries out there that demand an explanation. And many people have invested their lives into the exploration of these things.

So, posts like this are written for those that want to know what to think or how to deal with many of these mysteries of life. And so that Christians can know how to give an answer to those that ask. An answer that is more than the typical “head-in-the sand” posture that refuses to think deeply about anything that might seem a bit out of the ordinary. Or unintellectual.

To Be or Not to Be

Now, I am not going to try to convince you of the existence of Sasquatch. Either you believe it is out there or you don’t.

Personally, I have read so many personal accounts of Sasquatch encounters and watched so many YouTube sites with visual “evidence”, that I am convinced that there is a creature that does exist in North America that fits the Bigfoot description. And not just one creature, but many groups of animals scattered all across the country. Often living in regions that fit a certain elevation, rainfall, and food-availability criteria.

Too many normal people have made reports who have had nothing to gain. In fact, have had everything to lose. And too many very sober, rational people have had very profound encounters with this creature. Rangers, police, detectives, hunters, and those who are totally familiar with the zoology of their region have seen this creature.

People who are not given to hyperbole, exaggeration, misidentification, hoaxing or superstitious reporting.

So, for me, the question is not if it exists; but what it is.

Some Possibilities

Let’s just break this down in simple terms.

  • A HOAX: A high percentage of these sightings are Hoaxes. Of course. That accounts for possibly 50% or more of what is seen on YouTube. My attitude toward hoaxers is similar to my brother in Christ, Rick, who thinks that Squatch hoaxing should be a criminal offense. I really feel the same way. Punish them by making them camp out in the middle of Squatch territory for a few nights, all alone, and see if they return with the same opinion! IF they return.
  • A MIS-IDENTIFICATION: This also accounts for a good percentage of sightings. The “blob-squatch” videos do not help this percentage. I don’t think people are seeing bears. Because bears do not walk or move like a bipedal, 7 or 8-foot, “ape-like” creature. Even when they do stand up, they do not move like a normal, two-legged animal. And people in large coats or photographed from a distance in poor lighting can also be mistaken for something else.
  • A BIOLOGICAL CREATURE: As someone in a video I saw recently said, “I hope this is a natural creature”. That is an honest statement. I hope that what I am dealing with is a natural, biological animal. A very sophisticated animal.
  • A SUPERNATURAL ENTITY: This is where I depart from many other devoted followers of Bigfoot. They believe in what is often called, the Woo. Meaning the supernatural origins of bigfoot. This is where the psychics like to get involved with talk of telepathic communication with the Squatch. Or supposed connections with UFOs, orbs and travel through inter-dimensional vortexes, etc. I have no interest in this. I have no desire to investigate that. And have a healthy fear of dabbling in what veers off into occult territory.                                                                                                  But this “woo” is a hot topic among some Bigfoot people. There is much anger that comes from those that are deeply invested in the paranormal side of things. And very little tolerance of those who do not support or promote their way of thinking. I think there are a number of very good, sincere people who have pulled out of this field altogether. Who have closed down their websites out of fear for their families from threats by those who push this paranormal side. It is sad reality within some parts of the Bigfoot investigation community.                                                        There is more to be discussed about “the woo”; because I think there is a spiritual explanation for this aspect of the bigfoot phenomenon. But that is a discussion for another day.

My Two Cents

Personally, I think each of these ideas can be applied to different Bigfoot sightings. But not all sightings are the same. Some might indeed be hoaxes: by investigators being hoaxed and by fake investigators, themselves, doing the hoaxing. Some are due to mis-identification. Some are Paranormal. And some sightings are of a natural creature.

As I said, my interest is in investigating a natural, biological creature.

But, what would such a creature be like? How could it actually exist in this modern world where man has basically viewed, scanned, mapped and scoured the land around him? How could something so big have gone unnoticed?

That, of course, is the primary argument of those who deny its existence. Which, to me, is a very arrogant and presumptuous attitude for anyone to take.

Man, in every age, believes he is the master of this world. That he is fully aware of all that he needs to know. That science knows all. That nothing has escaped the analysis and intellect of modern man.

Especially, the existence of a creature that would be of almost equal intelligence to man. A creature that is a master predator, possessing incredible stealth capability, able to live in all kinds of terrain, move very quickly and silently, and has the ability to communicate and coordinate with its own “social group”. And has been able to maintain the secrecy of its territory by use of sentinels, wood knocks and vocalizations for alerting when humans are in the area.

This creates a real problem for the evolutionist. Here is a creature that did not evolve along with man. But went its own way.

The Difference 

If we are, in fact, dealing with a natural creature, where did it come from?

Well, what if this is a creature that existed in the time of Noah? What if this was a creature that was on the Ark? Perhaps in a juvenile form. What if this was a creature that man was aware of in time past and even had a congenial relationship with?

Now, let’s be clear. This is not a man. This is not a “missing link”. This is not an ape-to-man transitional form.

As a Creationist, I must reject evolutionary dogma. There is no compromise or coexistence of evolutionary philosophy with the Genesis record. The two are entirely incompatible.

In Creationism, one can find variations within a Kind. But not from a series of leaps by beneficial mutations that would give us a transitional form. All the details of a variation would have already been present in the original gene pool of a Kind. With the variations, such as different kinds of dogs, showing up as time progressed and interbreeding took place.

The Best-Case Scenario

Frankly, in the best-case scenario (from my perspective), I believe what we are dealing with is something unique in the zoological world. Something that has the biological characteristics of an ape as well as the qualities of a man. And possessing an intelligence level that is close to man. But with natural predatory and survival skills exceeding those of man.

Which means we are dealing with something that does not have a soul, as man does. But does have an intelligence level that is competitive with man.

Now that would be a very embarrassing thing for the evolutionist to consider. Because the evolutionist likes to think that it is man’s mind that separates him from the rest of the animal world. And it would be a very disconcerting thing to find out that man may not be the smartest thing on the planet that stands on two feet.

And though we may talk of the intelligence of whales and dolphins and gorillas all day long, it is sobering to think we may have a highly intelligent creature walking around in the deep woods. Or, even more chilling, passing through the wooded connecting patches that link all of our suburban residences and farms.

All of this may give us pause when the sun goes down and we look out into our dark back yards. And wonder what curious creatures may be looking back at us.

Hoping for a peanut butter sandwich and a pack of Oreos!

Well, that’s enough for now. We will talk more of this later. Please, let me know what you think?