Meerkat Poses for His School Photo

If you ever visit a Natural History museum, you will have a religious experience. It will be in the form of an unrelenting religious catechism.

This religious indoctrination attempts to explain the origin of the earth, of man and the universe from a purely naturalistic position. In other words, without any supernatural influence. Specifically, without God.

A Religion by Any Other Name

Naturalism is, of course, the category under which the religious belief known as Evolution is filed. Evolution is a religion. It masquerades as “science” — whatever that means — while pretending to be the only logical way to explain the origin of man.

The mechanics of Evolution depend upon time and chance. That given enough time and circumstance, incredible things will develop. Not just tiny, individual, incredible things but multiple, simultaneous amazing things will develop to produce life. And these incredible synchronicities will be so hearty and sustaining that life will advance over billions of years by chance. Pure chance.

This religious dogma cannot allow for any supernatural interference. This is about elevating the amazing power of nature, the spirit of life, and the spirit of man. It has nothing to do with God, gods or any other outside spiritual entity. Unless you wish to call the Earth or the Cosmos a living entity. Which would lead us into other Pantheistic and Panentheistic breakoff cults of Evolution.

Most of the world has given itself over to this religious view. And it has placed the fate of its soul in the power and glory of something it calls “science”. It has, for all practical purposes, given itself to the worship of science.

This may sound extreme, yet there is no other way to accurately depict the mental and spiritual state of our culture. It has chosen Evolution as its God-replacement religion.

This religious dependence on science, often called “Scientism”, is based more on imagination than on tangible reality. It is based on a fervent hope rather than any certainty. A hope that science will provide the ultimate answers to our existence that are not in our possession at this time.

It stems from the desperate hope that science has proven man to be independent of God. Making him without accountability to a Creator — thereby freeing him of any moral consequence for his actions. And also removing any fear of pain or punishment after death.

What is the Real Key to the Past?

However, true science is that which is observable or practical. Which helps us to make tangible things, to make our lives more comfortable, and to use predictable formulas to produce practical results.

Beyond that, science can only supply a theory of how things might work. “Convenient Fictions”, my High School physics teacher used to call them. Models and constructs that are created to help us understand the world around us. To, at least, give us a model to work with.

But never with absolute certainty.

What the Evolutionist does is to observe the world’s present geological processes and use them to estimate the overall age of the earth. This theory is called, Uniformitarianism. It follows the dogma that the present determines the past.

We were warned about this philosophy in the New Testament that “there shall come scoffers, walking after their own lusts, And saying, Where is the promise of his coming? for since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they were from the beginning of creation.(I Peter 3:4)

Which makes one think that God was well aware that modern man would go down the Evolutionary garden path. This Evolutionary religious development is no surprise to Him.

Answers from the Worldwide Flood

Using the present to explain the past is an incredibly presumptuous and ignorant mistake. We do not know what the past was like. We do not know what the earth looked like 6,000 years ago. Let alone 6,000,000,000 years ago! I am not even sure what the region around my own little Ohio town was like 600 years ago.

We have proven ourselves to be bumblers with the historical past. Even with what could be termed more recent history. Even the history of the North American continent remains in a shroud of mystery. Because, we were not there.

All we have is ancient dirt, rocks, bones, and a lot of imagination.

How do we explain technological advances of people from all over the world that seem to spring out of nowhere? Where man shows up and is in immediate possession of knowledge and skill that he shouldn’t have. Especially if, according to Evolution, he should only be a primitive, knuckle-dragger eating grubs and acorns and living in caves.

We are so arrogant in our presumptions about the world around us. Claiming certainty about so many things which, in reality, we are so ignorant.

If we truly believed in what our eyes told us about the world around us, what science clearly tells us, we would admit that the world, the whole world, was once under water. And that the geology of the world is not explained by billions of years of long, uniform processes.

In fact, the geological sedimentary layers, the placement of fossils within those layers and the great upheaval of mountain ranges and continental breakup all testify to the reality of a worldwide cataclysm. Of a world destroyed and inundated by water. Of fossils and sediments laid down suddenly and violently by water.

Not by some regional flood. Or a series of regional floods. Or a long, mild inundation. But by a terrible worldwide deluge.

Now, isn’t it interesting that this glaringly obvious evidence is ignored by the people who worship science. Science should be based on observation. Science should be based on evidence. So why do they ignore the worldwide flood?

Because flood geology supports a biblically-based worldview.

The Religious Foundations of Evolution

Darwin and Lyell, who were so instrumental in bringing Evolution to the world, formulated their views in order to eliminate the Bible from the equation. That was their stated purpose. It is seen clearly in their letters and books. Theirs was a philosophy borne out of a hatred for the Genesis record.

Even though Darwin started out as a divinity student headed toward a pulpit in some country chapel.

For example, in many of Lyell’s written statements, he repeatedly indicated his determination to destroy the Mosaic chronology and cosmology. To free science from the book of Genesis. And to rid the world of biblical authority.

How interesting that these two men, while pushing the so-called scientific model, were themselves driven by religious prejudice. They constructed their model with a subjective, religious bias. With a  determination to create a Naturalistic model that eliminated God from man’s past.

It is no wonder, therefore, that popular intellectual thought, based on religious bias,  dismisses God from its consideration. What has developed instead is an arrogant and condescending culture who sneer at those not formally educated in accordance with the evolutionary religion. Who aggressively oppose education that would offer the Creation model as at least an alternative to explain man’s origins.

And a culture who has abandoned sexual morality in the absence of clear biblical authority.

Because, if you can’t trust the Bible in the science areas, at the very beginning of the Bible, why should you trust anything else that it says?

Which, logically, is a reasonable position.

If Evolution is correct.

Unless, of course, popular religious science is blatantly wrong. If the popular academic and intellectual communities are wrong, If the wisdom of this world, as a whole, is wrong.

And that Genesis is absolutely correct. From the beginning.


People might want to take a careful second look at that one. Especially since Eternity is at stake.

(I would like to call the opening photo, Oscar the Meerkat Poses for His Evolutionary Graduation Portrait.)