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There is a group of professed Christians who claim that we can only understand the Bible when it is interpreted through the lens of accepted scientific theory. When it is illuminated by the proper consensus of scientific opinion.

This group is called BioLogos. Here is a sample taken directly from their statement of faith:

(The bold emphasis is my own)

We believe that God created the universe, the earth, and all life over billions of years. God continues to sustain the existence and functioning of the natural world, and the cosmos continues to declare the glory of God. Therefore, we reject ideologies such as Deism that claim the universe is self-sustaining, that God is no longer active in the natural world, or that God is not active in human history.

We believe that the diversity and interrelation of all life on earth are best explained by the God-ordained process of evolution with common descent. Thus, evolution is not in opposition to God, but a means by which God providentially achieves his purposes. Therefore, we reject ideologies that claim that evolution is a purposeless process or that evolution replaces God.

We believe that God created humans in biological continuity with all life on earth, but also as spiritual beings. God established a unique relationship with humanity by endowing us with his image and calling us to an elevated position within the created order.


Popular Science or True Science?

Unfortunately, for these people, the Bible is simply not compatible with evolutionary theory.
If God had chosen to use that process, he would have clearly spoken of billions of years instead of days (Note that they are now up to billions. When I was young, they were just talking millions of years.)
And he would not have placed so many vital components of the Gospel within the first chapter of Genesis. Including bare-bones components about the nature of man and God.
Which is a real bummer for those who would reduce the 1st chapter of Genesis to poetry.
And then only loosely regarding the rest of Genesis and the Bible as inerrant history.
The simple fact is that the Bible demands a straight on, at-face-value reading. As if God said what He actually meant. And wanted to be sure we didn’t misunderstand.
                                          Is Modern Man Truly More Intelligent?
The popular argument that is used by these men is that man in the beginning was unable to understand the concept of billions of years. That man was not as intelligent as modern man. So God used concepts easy for them to understand.
That is incredibly presumptuous, to say the least. And it denies that God’s words are inspired.
Inspiration means that the words were breathed out by the Spirit of God Himself. And that they did not originate from the finite understanding of man. But flowed directly from the source of God’s infinite understanding. Thereby, conveying inerrant truth and accuracy for all ages to come.
The tragic reality of this new Christian evolution-ism, is that one must leave biblical faith behind when this course is taken. There is no melding, merging or mixing of these two totally different “faiths”.This is not a simple question of the order of events or a few years. That is bad enough.

This is a bold denial of the trustworthiness and accuracy of God’s word. Period.

God Uses Specific Words to Mean Specific Things

Christians who seek to gain the acceptance of the general religious and academic communities are compromising the authority of the word of God. This is the price for approval by the world.

They clearly choose to move from faith in the inerrancy of the words of God toward acceptance of only general truths.

So, you have Christians supposedly standing strong on general truth while rejecting the specific words that underlie that truth.

That is called sinking sand. Quick sand.

And they make this move in the first chapter of God’s word. Right at the beginning.

This specific issue is a monumental Gospel issue. It is a question of authority. And it is a question of where we place our faith.

The Rise of an Ancient False god

For example, how does the evolutionist think the universe began? Frankly, he doesn’t know. Regardless of whether the Big Bang Theory or some other theory is in vogue. He just doesn’t know. It is all conjecture.

In very practical terms. his confidence is in Time. His faith is in Time.

He believes that given enough Time, all this universe would have evolved.

It is fascinating to realize that this is exactly what the ancient Greeks and Romans believed.

The Romans believed in Chronos. He was believed to be the god associated with Time. His name is sometimes called, Saturn. And sometimes, Satan.

These ancient men believed that, in the beginning, endless eons elapsed as Chronos split open a great primordial egg. And from this egg, the gods were released into the universe.

I once heard a pastor discuss the basic components of a fairy tale. You have a princess and you have a frog. The princess kisses the frog and he becomes a prince.

With evolution, you have a princess and a frog. In a billion years, you get a prince. The kiss is optional.

So, you see, we choose the faith we want.

Either we choose the God of the Bible; who said He completed the process in 6 days (Resting on the 7th).

Or we may choose Time as our god. Endless Time. Unimaginable periods of time.

Which is really just the slick deception of a false god. An ancient one at that. Still bringing his ancient false gospel to modern men.

Who are just as foolish as the ancient men he deceived so long ago.


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