“Fight the good fight of faith, lay hold on eternal life, whereunto thou art also called, and hast professed a good profession before many witnesses.” (I Timothy 6:12)

The only way this world makes sense is because of eternity. Because God is using everything we go through down here to prepare us for everlasting life with Him in Heaven.

Whatever we have lacked here, we will have in Heaven. Whatever we need to make us happy we will experience there. I am hoping to see all those I have loved in Heaven. Family, friends and so many others that I have prayed for during my life.

And to see my old Pets. There will be Tammy, my childhood dog, our cats Patches and Lucky and Baby and Smokey, and Scooter, our dog that died just a few years ago.

And I hope to eat a lot of lobster. Lots of corn on the cob. Great fried chicken. And tons of chocolate chip cookies, hot fudge sundaes and pecan pies without worrying at all about too much sugar.

Keep in mind that we will have glorified bodies. So we will not have the same needs we have down here. There will be no pain. No sorrow. No fear. Our desires will be different.

Love”s Purest Joys Restored

There is a line from a great hymn, Be Still My Soul, that speaks of “love’s purest joys restored”. I love to think of that. Down here, we are bound to the indwelling sin that plagues us every day. It ruins the best things we know and experience. There is always a taint to the best of moments.

But in Heaven, sin will be removed forever. We will rejoice that the battle is done. God’s purest designs for us can finally be realized. We can know each other and Him without the anger, frustrations, misunderstandings and pain that plagues our relationships down here.

Life here is kind of like going to Disneyworld and catching a glimpse of the “backstage” castle construction that ruins the beautiful fantasy. Even our best memories and nostalgia begin to lose their luster upon repeated examination.

Or it is like when I was a kid at home after New Year’s Day. That was the day my Mom would run the sweeper and clean up all the Christmas stuff. That sweeper sounded like a bagpipe playing a funeral dirge. The wail of it would tell me that the magic of Christmas was gone.

Your “Best Life” Later

But that is the way this world is. Our best times can be wonderful; but they are still only a prelude. We will NOT experience our dream lives down here. But we are not supposed to. Any preacher saying that you must seek to have your “best life now” is a false teacher.

I have spent a great deal of time reading a lot of self-help books about careers. Trying to find fulfilling work. To find the perfect job and the perfect career. I am a sucker for those books. And I have probably looked through most every book in the bookstores and libraries seeking that elusive “fulfillment” in a job.

Our Life is But a Vapor

Maybe you will be fortunate and get a slice of the pie down here. Maybe you will have some or most of your dreams come true. Maybe the sweepstakes people will show up at your door with a giant check and some balloons. Some people may have a lot of money. And they may have most stuff go well for them. OK. But do not put any confidence in those things. They can disappear in a heartbeat. Use what blessings you have for Him right now.

The conditions of this world are constantly changing. Life is a big “maybe” when it comes to what our circumstances will be. Most people are just struggling to survive. And in these very troubling economic times, more and more people are seeing their hopes of retirement slipping away.


Let Your Imagination Soar!

The BEST is yet to come. Do not give up hope. Nothing of our suffering, pain, loss, or disappointment is ever unnoticed by the Lord. He catches every one of our tears in His bottle. All of our sufferings for Him are precious in His sight.

What we need to be doing is focusing on what the Lord has promised us. To realize that eternal life is real. That Heaven is real. It is not some fantasy. It is the reason we are going through what we are going through. It is why we are getting the gospel out to people. So they can be there too.

If we are to be good soldiers in the battle, we must be willing to suffer hardship for Christ. Even when most of the others around us, even Christians, are basking in the sunshine of plenty.

But what lies ahead for those who will follow the Lord through affliction is beyond imagination. Or to put it another way, Christ is able to do “exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us…” (Ephesians 3:20). These are words used when language is no longer capable of expressing how wonderful something is. His power is preparing for us what is beyond our ability to grasp or explain.

Let your imagination soar to consider the wonders of our eternity ahead with Christ!