Christmas star

When we look at the Christmas “messages” preached over this season, most are all the same.

They are often boring and of little value. Except for the momentary, sentimental feelings they create.

However, the real message of the birth of Christ is staggering; if preachers would simply preach about it.

IF they, themselves, really understood enough or had experience enough to actually share it.

The Incarnation of Christ is about God taking the form of a man. And living the perfect life; which qualified Him to then offer Himself to God for our sins.

As the One whom God had prepared, before the foundations of the world, to be offered as the Perfect Lamb for the sins of men. 

So, OK. We understand that.

We understand about the substitutionary atonement of Christ. How He Alone paid the full penalty for all our sins. How He settled the eternal, judicial penalty due every person that has ever lived. 

If a person will believe that and rest upon that. 

A Christian must understand and believe this in order to be saved. These are non-negotiable truths. 

However, most believers stop right there.

They think that now it is up to them to gut it out for God. To do by discipline and dedication and gratitude what the Lord has commanded believers to do. To prove our appreciation to the Lord for the promise of Eternal Life He has given us. 

But there is something missing, regularly missing, from the preaching and teaching we hear on all this. 

There is a great, gaping, screaming black hole of truth missing from what Christians need to understand about the life they live out following the New Birth. Following being Born Again by the Spirit of God. 

The Forgotten Gift

This missing truth is that the Lord Himself is the One Gift that God has given to us. 

That the Lord has given to us the Person of the Lord Jesus Christ. Not a basketful or bucket load or truck load of good things. But His Person.

Many Christians are looking for some second experience or some second work of grace. Some are looking for a Baptism with the Holy Spirit or a deep and profound experience that will fill in what they are missing in their lives as Christians. Something to take them to the next level

Something to stop the guilt, to fill the loneliness, or to fill whatever other void needs to be filled. 

Or to confirm that we are right with God. A righteousness going beyond our faith in Christ as our Savior. Beyond the forgiveness of our sins. 

This is a common longing. It is a common search among Christians for the something more

We seek more righteousness or holiness in our lives. We seek more purity, more love, more generosity, more selflessness, and a million other “more’s” that are actually good things. Things that are not bad in themselves. 

But we often fail to see; we ALL often fail to see the Lord has already given us everything we need. Everything we long for. 

The problem is that we do not understand what the Lord has given to us. 

That He is actually that extra thing we have been longing for. 

And He is not hiding behind a chair or behind the Christmas tree. He has not been lost due to someone failing to give us something we have wanted or needed. 

May this coming year open our eyes to see all that He is. All that He wants to be for us who have trusted Him as the Total Sufficiency for our salvation. 

How He also wants us to Rest in Him as our Life. As the great solution to the longing in our souls.

As the One who is totally sufficient, in Himself, to be our Life; our full and abundant Christian life.  

“But of him are ye in Christ Jesus, who of God is made unto us wisdom, and righteousness, and sanctification, and redemption: that, according as it is written, He that glorieth, let him glory in the Lord.” (I Corinthians 1:30-31)


Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay