Hand Flicking Man

Just a note on something I saw the other evening on an internet news site.

There was a chart showing which groups formed the highest percentage of those supporting a particular candidate for governor.

What struck me were the 4 groups singled out that supported this candidate. I fit into all four groups. Although I can only remember 3 of them now, they were as follows:

  • White Evangelicals
  • White Men without a College Degree
  • White Seniors

Yoo Hoo! I wonder if there is some kind of prize I’ve won for fitting into all these groups?!

I’ll bet it’s a really special prize!!

Looking Down on Us from Olympus

What struck me specifically was the “white men without a college degree” demographic. 

The college-degree thing comes up a lot anymore. It seems like we’re getting hit over the head a lot with the no-college-degree status.  

So, what do you think they are trying to say with that? Why do they keep singling out that particular group?

Hmmm? Gee. Let me ponder that for awhile.

Obviously, from every corner of the media, those without the degree are singled out as being deficient in some way. Mentally-deficient is what they are actually saying. And, therefore, in their estimation, we are dangerous to ourselves and to those around us. And, we are the ones generally blamed for all the problems that are occurring. 

The point is, that those lacking the higher, formal, four-years of secular, Humanist, Liberal brainwashing are considered by the mainstream media, and others who have a degree, as being unable or unwilling to make proper decisions.

We are considered less intelligent and less able to think correctly about social, racial, political, medical, and scientific matters. To name only a few areas affected by our miserable ineptitude. 

In other words, we are just not smart enough to think for ourselves. And just not smart enough to come to the conclusions that they believe we should come to. 

Therefore, we are told that we need the government to think for us. To take care of us. And to make make the right decisions for us. We need the government and media-appointed experts to tell us what is true. 

To make the decisions that we just can’t make unless they are there to hold our hands. To tell us how to think. And what to do.  

Frankly, while there are many benefits that an education brings, it seems that the higher the education goes, the less intelligent people seem to become. At least, that’s what I’ve observed are the general results of a formal education in these modern days. Where there exists a kind of shut-down of common sense and wisdom; in direct proportion to the addition of abbreviations following ones name. 

And the same goes for Christians.

Christian Scholarly Elitism

Whether Christians are Evangelical or Fundamental, the same problem seems to occur. Pride and arrogance often seems to follow higher education. Which is definitely a problem created by the Christian institutions themselves. Or even due to the reason people are choosing to pursue the additional formal instruction.   

Quite simply, pride is a killer. Especially intellectual pride. And none of us are free from pride’s effects. 

In many of our churches, intellectual idolatry seems to have taken control of our leadership. 

This is revealed when the degreed leadership chooses to “lift up” those who represent mainstream Evangelical thought; as opposed to solid, biblical thought.

Most of those who are quoted from the pulpits are men representing major Christian universities, institutes, and seminaries. The same schools that are leaning increasingly Liberal in doctrine and Progressive in social activism.  

Who are taking us in directions that biblically wise men would not lead us.

Even among Fundamentalists, this elitist mentality has reared its ugly head. 

One example is in the area of Bible Preservation. Where Christian university professors and other academics claim that the matters of Textual History and Bible Preservation need to be left with those who are more educated. With those that are more scholarly. 

In order that, the churches will not split over whether or not we hold a perfectly-accurate Bible in our hands. Which is obviously not regarded as a big deal by many churches today. 

They claim that we just need to trust those who are properly educated to continue their search for the correct texts. To continue their Recovery of a Bible that was lost (in their minds) somewhere back in antiquity. 

And, in the meantime, we should just go with the flow on Bible translations. And let the scholars tell us what the truth is. To trust them and their academic determinations. To tell us what is true and not true in their own good time. 

The Smart Ones and All the Rest of Us

This elitist attitude has caused a real divide in our culture as well as in our churches.

Leaders today desire compliance.

Christian leaders desire their congregations to go along with the programs and get to work. Differences in belief and doctrine are rarely discussed. Just in case a division may occur due to discussion. 

This is not truly an issue of intelligence or study or the ability to grasp complex thoughts. Intellectual prejudice is based on whether someone has invested years of time and a bucket-load of money in pursuit of a formal education. 

It’s about acquiring a formal education that is recognized by the elitist culture or the church leadership as sufficient to command respect. 

What they forget is that those men, upon whom the Lord chose to build his church, were not educated men – for the most part. They were fishermen, tax collectors, and who knows what else.

Yes, Luke was a physician; but he wasn’t singled out as a more-acceptable disciple because of his training. Because of his intellectual pedigree.  

The Lord does not need men with degrees. It doesn’t take a degree to be a good leader in His church. The Lord needs men who are faithful. Who believe His word. And who are obedient to His word. 

And who exercise discernment about those leaders, from the Christian mainstream; using good judgment about those to follow and those not to follow. You know, the same ones whose books are used to create all the sermon series we hear. And the ones we quote in the sermons every week. 

The leadership that we follow both locally and nationally commonly demonstrate a lack of discernment in these areas. This is evidenced by their infatuation with leaders from Christian academia. Leaders that push unbiblical trends and activism within unbiblical movements and coalitions.  

Personal Study 

The study of the word of God and of the world around us is a lifelong task which we have all been commanded to pursue. The homework never ends. 

Study is good. Reading is good. Being aware of what is going on in the world is good. Using our heads and common sense is good. The need for personal study cannot be over-emphasized. 

But, above all, we are called to know the Lord and to know His word

If we do that, we shall not be ashamed. Regardless of what the elitists think of us. 

Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.” (II Timothy 2:15)

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay