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When I look at the world around me, even at my own small-town world, it seems unfathomable that the vast majority of those people I know will never see eternal life; but will spend an eternity in the Lake of Fire. 

I don’t know how to deal with that. It is sobering. It is horrifying. And it is heartbreaking. 

But it drives me to pray. To pray that the Lord will help me to be faithful in presenting His truth to those around me. 

What the Lord Desires 

To pray that the Truth will be clear; that it will be full; that it will be everything that the Lord wants them to hear. With nothing lacking. 

And to pray that I am filled with His Spirit so that He can accomplish what He wants to do through me. So, that every soul that wants to know Him will hear His truth, repent, believe on Him, and be saved. 

So that the Lord will have His full inheritance in me. So that the Lord will have, through His indwelling of me down here, all that He purchased through His suffering on the Cross.  

Buffet-Line Works

Seeing the Lord’s purposes accomplished is the most important thing we can do in our lives. All of the other good works are fine; but only if those are the specific things that the Lord has called us to do. 

I really think most believers really don’t get that. They are too busy.

We have developed a kind of “buffet-line” mentality when it comes to our “good works” and our activity. We look at volume as opposed to quality.

We think that a stadium full of thousands of people coming forward in a Crusade is more important than the simple believer following faithfully what the Lord has called him to do. Working quietly, in obscurity, in the shadows. 

Christians have become too Purpose Driven or “Missional”. We are too driven with one purpose or another that is not truly what the Lord has called us to do. Ready to change our beliefs and our practices to follow the next Pied-Piper “Christian” leader with his promise of change.  

O, glorious change. 

And a lot of this comes from the “get-organized” mentality. Start a movement. Gather people together. Do big things. Set big goals. Accomplish big purposes. 

But Christians are too given to their own agendas or to following some new leader or movement. They are too distracted to listen to the Lord’s leading in their own lives.

I see this everywhere in Christian circles. 

Why are We Focusing on This Stuff?

The world around us has more problems than anyone could ever know. And we only have a limited amount of time to do what really matters. We have no time for distractions. 

That means we need to understand the Lord’s priorities. People need salvation more than anything else. They need Christ above anything else in their lives. 

To gain all other things. To have all other needs met. All of their problems solved. To see Social Justice established all over the world. To see everyone fulfilled and happy. 

Is that really what we are here to do? How do you do that for a wicked world? How do you do that for a world dominated by the god of this world? 

Why are we really focusing on that stuff? Could it be that we are trying to justify the establishment of some other form of Christianity? So that some other gospel can be ushered in that is based on ones good works; as opposed to ones faith in Christ?

Is this just a ruse? A deception?

Is it a justification by religious people to set aside doctrine and truth for other things? To base ones standing before God based on his “loving acts” instead of what he believes? 

Instead of focusing on Jesus Christ as ones Lord and Savior? On ones Personal relationship with Him. On the word of God and the gospel that is based on those words? 

No Time to Mess Around

To gain all and lose Christ is to lose everything. 

And there just isn’t time to mess around with a bunch of activity that may not accomplish the Lord’s purpose. No matter how loving or socially-engaged or whatever a Christian work may promise.  

When we stand before the Lord He is not going to be concerned with how much stuff we did down here.

But He will be  concerned with whether we waited upon Him, whether we sat at His feet, whether we read and kept His word, and whether we allowed Him to do the specific work He wanted to do through us.

As opposed to our doing those other things that other voices were telling us to do. 

If we Really want to “make an Eternal difference”, THAT is the only way. 


Image by Barbara Cascao from Pixabay