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Evil men and evil women think they have covered their tracks.

They think they can get away with their plans to acquire power and money and fame. And to get away with whatever crimes they commit in that pursuit.

Even those who do such things for a good cause. Even working their schemes “For the People“, as some people say.

But the Lord sees it all.

He sees every shade and every nuance of hypocrisy, greed, deceit, corruption, and all that is in the hearts of men. Everything is recorded. The truth of every act is known by God and will be judged by God in perfect truth and perfect justice.

The Gospel of Cain

The world thinks it can do whatever it wants. Whatever it determines is good and bad. Calling evil “good”; and calling good “evil”.

But this is nothing new. The world has always sought its own way to God.

Cain, the firstborn of Adam and Eve, when offering his sacrifice of the fruits of the ground, was rejected.


Because he offered a sacrifice based on his own works.

Even though, he might have offered his best, his best was not good enough.

He tried to please God by coming to God in his own way.

God required man to bring the blood of a lamb. Which is why Abel was accepted. Because he offered a lamb. He came in God’s way.

The world’s religions are all about good works. They follow the same path that Cain did.

That, in fact, is what the mainline religious denominations are all about. Doing a million and one good deeds and good works to come to God. Following a billion different good causes. Offering their best intentions and best works to God.

But God does not accept those sacrifices. He does not accept that gospel. He never has.

The Church is Copying Cain

The Evangelical church is also drifting toward the way of Cain. By emphasizing good works over truth. By emphasizing outward gestures and acts of “love” over believing the Bible.

This is why we are seeing a major falling away from doctrinal soundness in Bible churches. Because they have been deceived by leaders who emphasize the good deeds of Jesus and the loving acts of Jesus over the core message of redemption that Jesus brought.

Therefore, we are witnessing the social and political culture of the world growing bolder in its preaching against biblical truth and biblical morality. It justifies all this because of the good works that it is trying to do. By its enforcement of social justice and other forms of justice that it mandates everyone must now follow.

And not just to follow, but to voice allegiance to the new gospel. Which is seen in virtue signalling. Doing things so others will see how virtuous they are. Taking positions on social media that are politically and socially correct in order to stay in the good graces of the government and of the popular culture.

To stay out of their crosshairs. To stay away from the anger of Cain. Who hate the gospel of Christ and those who follow Him.

We are seeing a changing of the gospel. From truth and righteous judgment, to an outward show. To a shallow veneer of goodness and love.

To a Christianity without life. A hollow shell of works without the indwelling Spirit of God.

All Things Will Be Made Right

Therefore, whatever political or social victories men may win in this world; regardless how a willing and complicit media may support their actions; regardless if no one is left who is able to oppose the evil that is rising in the culture and in the government;

The Lord has a day of visitation planned for every man and for every woman. In this life or in the life to come, there is a set date.

The Lord Jesus Christ, by His own hand and by His own power, will bring everyone to justice. True justice. Not the false social-justice of the modern world.

The Lord will do this without the might or violence of men. He needs no militia or army or insurrection to do this.

Because, the Lord, by Himself, by His own Spirit will bring every work into judgment. And all will be revealed.

“For God shall bring every work into judgment, with every secret thing, whether it be good, or whether it be evil.” (Ecclesiastes 12:14)

Image by Tony Wu from Pixabay