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… even God, who quickeneth the dead, and calleth those things which be not as though they were.” (Romans 4:17b)

Every man chooses his reality.

Those of us, who are believers in Christ, find our identify in things which are unseen.

In other words, we live based upon the reality of invisible, spiritual truth.

While the world lives based upon man’s wisdom, popular philosophy, popular culture, or some so-called scientific theory.

The World Chooses Its Reality

At this moment, in our American culture, a Cold War is raging over what is real.

It is raging over what is true. Over the free-flow of information. Over the open-exchange of ideas. 

Half of the country chooses to live in a state of denial.

It refuses to accept the very idea that our recent Presidential Election was corrupted.

That a massive, systemic manipulation of the ballots took place at many of the polls. That this manipulation took place in much the same way, at the same time, under cover of darkness, without the legally-required observers, with a mathematically-impossible outcome, in key-battleground areas across this country.  

Which is, shamefully, a practice that has been taking place for generations. But which has only now been revealed in dramatic proportions. Simply because those who carried it out believed they could do it openly; without any fear of discovery or punishment. With the support of those who are in control of the political machines and the media. 

But they got sloppy this time. 

A Denial of Our Rights

Meanwhile, the mainstream media ignores it all — the news-story of a generation. They have buried or dismissed the corruption charges as the raging delusion of right-wing extremists. Or the wild concoctions of conspiracy theorists. 

Because revealing the corruption does not serve their personal agenda. To report and investigate the 1,000 witnesses who have come forward (at great risk to themselves), would threaten their social and political plans. 

So the media has made themselves a party to the corruption. They have become complicit in the coverup. They are denying Americans the right to see the monumental evidence of a stolen election. To even consider that evidence. 

They have chosen their reality. 

By ignoring the truth. Even ignoring the possibility of something contrary to their desired reality. 

A Christian’s Choice

Christians must also choose their reality. 

A reality that is entirely separate from the world and all its political and social upheavals. 

We choose the spiritual truth that defines who we really are.  

At salvation, we choose to rest in the Righteousness of Christ as opposed to any hope of Righteousness within ourselves. We turn our back on any hope of good within ourselves and trust that Christ alone has purchased our salvation. By His blood. By being the Perfect Sacrifice for us. 

We accept Jesus Christ as a free gift based on our faith in Him. On what He is. And on what He has done. 

In our daily walk with the Lord, as saved believers, we must continually choose what our reality is. At each point of our day, we must remind ourselves who we really are. 

Are we the person we feel that we are? Are we the person that our performance has shown us to be? 

Satan loves for us to dwell in what we appear to be. In what we have done. In either the good things or the bad things that we do or have done.

As long as we focus on ourselves

But those things are NOT who we are, if we know the Lord as our Savior.

Our Identity IS Christ

We have a new identity. And that identity does not change over the course of our Christian life.

Whether we have known the Lord for 10 minutes or 100 years, we must still look to Him for our daily and moment-by-moment identity. Rather than trying to establish some independent, Christian-performance identity. 

Our identity literally IS Christ Himself. And the Lord Jesus Christ does not change. 

But of him are ye in Christ Jesus, who of God is made unto us wisdom, and righteousness, and sanctification, and redemption:” (I Corinthians 1:30)

Are you struggling with sins, temptations, bad habits, shame, lust, pain, depression, weakness, fear, anger, and a thousand other failures? Then stop looking at yourself. You are wasting your time with something that the Lord has condemned. 

Of course, we should never justify or be content with any sin in our life. But we are also not to be focused on those sins.  

Our dedicated Christian flesh, focused on gaining victory over sin, cannot eradicate that sin or that sin habit. Only faith in who the Lord IS and His work within us will cause us to walk in His Spirit. 

Sometimes we may seem to have gained some ground over our sins. But then lapse back into bad practices. And sometimes worse than before. 

But, again, so often we walk as if this life depended upon us. Instead of resting in the reality of who He is on our behalf. In all that He has said that He wants to do. That He wants to be for us. 

We are Hidden in Christ

The Lord has already accepted you if you are in His Son.

But we forget that so easily. In fact, everyday and many times a day, we stop gazing on Him and look at our own successes and failures. As if we will be presenting ourselves to Him for His approval. 

We are not a people of this world. We do not live by the elements of this world. We live outside and above this world, and all its wicked plans and activities.

We are an Eternal people. We live and move by the Lord’s indwelling in heavenly places! 

Our identity is in Him alone. All that we truly are is hidden with Christ in God. In Christ who is our life. 

“… for the things which are seen are temporal; but the things which are not seen are eternal.”                   (II Corinthians 4:18b)


Image by My pictures are CCO. When doing composings: from Pixabay