Clear Sunset

In this life, there are things we are able to straighten out; and many we cannot.

Failures, bad decisions, lost opportunities, harsh words spoken and relationships that are beyond mending. Life has many such things.

But this will not always be the case. There is coming a day when the LORD will make all things new. When we will see Him as He is and we shall all be changed.

Too Sweet

A while back, I read in one of Watchman Nee’s books, don’t remember which, of what he thought about some relationships that can become “too sweet”. Where our affection goes beyond that which the LORD intended.

This is not about anything sexual. It is about when our closeness to others can become “inordinate”. Which one could say means, “out of order” or beyond that which is right.

I can look back at closeness that I used to have with some Christian brothers and sisters and lament that something happened to end those relationships. And that nothing can really be done to fix them now.

As if the LORD Himself had “put a hedge” around the relationship. To shut off any real way to get back to where I was before.

It is not that reparations or apologies need to be made. It is just that stuff happens. Disagreements developed and a split occurred.

Sometimes it is that others see what I have said or done and have misunderstood. And nothing I could say would really clear it up. So, I still love them and care about them and pray for them. But realize that, for now, I have to walk down another road.

That is just the way of life sometimes.

The Solitary Walk

So these days, I have come to accept some things like that. Knowing that I would not have been able to go much farther down the path with some Christians. At some point, I would have had to veer off in another direction anyway. Sometimes this is inevitable in our lives.

This could be because of biblical faithfulness that I have needed to exert. Or just the need to make a clear distinction between where my friends were going and what I thought the LORD wanted me to do.

Sometimes the LORD requires that of us.

To establish clarity. To take steps to make things clear about what we believe.

This is one way that the biblical teaching on “separation” must occur. Where two can no longer “walk together”. Even as two believers.

That is not a common idea in many of our Christian churches these days. We are constantly taught to go along and get along. Especially in the Evangelical community. Where any concept of biblical “separation” is shunned and vilified.

In fact, to even consider this idea today, is to risk the rebuke that will inevitably come. They will say of us that we must think we have all the answers, or that we act as if we are the only ones who have the truth, or that we are just not humble.

And when this happens, there is always a hollowness that occurs. And that hollowness will always be there on this side of Eternity.

This happened between Paul and Barnabas over Mark. Two men following the LORD that were not able to continue together. But later, Paul asked for Mark to join him in his ministry. Things came back around. Probably both Paul and Barnabus and Mark were all changed over time.

What once could not work out eventually did work out later down the road. But each did that which they believed they must do in following the LORD.

You might call that, “the solitary way”. A hard but necessary way.

The way of the cross. Carrying our own cross. Standing with the Lord; even when it means standing alone.

(Which deserves a discussion all its own.)

Finish the Course

Although, we often wish for it, we just don’t have the “way-back machine” that Peabody and Sherman used. We cannot go back and re-assemble the moments that led up to a decision or a word spoken out of place. Which we so deeply wish we could take back and re-do.

In fulfilling our “course”, we must look ahead and trust that the LORD is the Redeemer. The Redeemer of our souls as well as the Redeemer of Time. He is the One who can recover the things that are lost. And set right the things we are unable to repair.

The whole Creation looks for that time. Just like us, nature groans; waiting for that time of redemption. When love’s purest joys will be restored with our brothers and sisters in Christ; and we shall be like Him.

When we shall be out of these sinful bodies, free from the corruption of sin and forever with LORD.

“And he that say upon the throne said, Behold, I make all things new . . .” (Revelation 21:5)