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I think there are two major reasons that people embrace socialism.

For the Wealthy: These are people that are secure, monetarily, and do not have worries about money. They are set for life and will not be affected by whatever happens in the culture as a whole — tax wise. They are insulated from whatever laws and economic downturns take place.

But they look upon the culture as a whole and feel guilty. They feel guilty that they are doing so well while others are struggling. And are not free to enjoy their lives when others are not doing well.

So, how can they alleviate that guilt?

They can:

  1. Give their own money away to those they see in need.
  2. Get someone else to give their own money away to people in need. The someone else is the government. The government is you and me. The government will then take money from you and me to take care of all the people in need.
  3. Theoretically, this is supposed to solve the problem.
  4. The rich folks now are free from guilt about their wealth. And their wealth is still intact.
  5. Problem solved. Theoretically.

For the Young: The Millenial’s and Generation X’ers want stuff given to them. They don’t want to work their way up like most of us have had to do. Or at least not work too hard. They started out with most of the stuff we thought would one day be the reward for many years of hard work. They want that free stuff to continue to be provided to them.

So, how do they get that stuff ?


  1. Force everyone else to provide it to them via the government. Again, that means you and I will have less so that all those who want freebies can continue to get them.
  2. Poverty and mediocrity is spread around equally. Except for the young who will continue to get all their stuff as long as they remain within those groups that get special treatment. Such as Academics, Federal Worker Unions, Federal Employees, Non-Profit companies and groups that promote Progressive ideas. Such as wealthy donors who give to Progressive political causes.

For the Welfare Class: These are individuals who have always lived off of money, food stamps and benefits provided by the government. This is a culture that does not know anything else. They live in a state of dependency expecting to receive continuous benefits.

  1. They will continue to get these benefits as always.
  2. They will not work to get out of their situation.
  3. They will continue to vote for those who will continue this entitlement situation.
  4. They will continue to hate all the wealthy people that are opposed to the entitlement culture.
  5. They will continue to love those wealthy people that promote the entitlement culture.

As a result of this, government will continue to grow. Its demands on those who are working every day to survive will increase. The middle class will be increasingly burdened by this ideology deceptively named, Progressivism. 

Wealth will be taken from the Conservatives and spread among the Progressives. This is already proving itself to be the case as the IRS has targeted conservative groups and outspoken individuals.

Eventually their will be 3 classes. The very poor who will eventually get nothing. The workers who will barely survive and live in a controlled society. The very rich who will rule over all the others.

Correction: the very rich who are Progressives.

All living in a Socialist state.

Whoops! Sorry, we somehow skipped the Socialist state and went straight to the Communist state. Because, in a country as large as the U.S., that is the only thing that could happen.

If you start down the alley of Socialism, you will quickly have Communism. And there is no romantic fantasy there. It is misery.

Unless you are on top. And you tow the line. And say the right things. And think the right things.

The young are going to be really surprised when this finally dawns on them. Because they are getting older and will soon move into the Middle class. And then the romantic bubble will break.

And to whom will the young complain then? When the Net is censored in the U.S. (as Google is agreeing to do in China). All for the benefit of the Progressive movement.

Happy Voting tomorrow!