Red Storm Clouds

O, very young, what will you leave us this time?” (Cat Stevens)

None of us will become any more enlightened than the sources we seek for truth. Nor will we become any more wise than those whom we trust to tell us the truth.

Trust is a choice.

We’ve talked about this before. Nothing new here.

But it keeps coming back to me. Like a wild call, deep in the forest, that continues to echo back through the hills and the canyons.

It is blatantly obvious that a vast segment of the American public has chosen to follow the popular media as their source for truth. Much of this country has checked their collective brains and souls at the door; freely giving a relatively small group of elitists control over their future.

Protected From Reality

When I search on the internet, I get a liberal view. When I turn on the mainstream media, I get a liberal view. When I pickup the average newspaper or magazine on the news stand, I get a liberal view.

I don’t know what the real ratio is when comparing liberal media to conservative media, but it has to be 80 or 90% liberal — at the very least. I just don’t see that many outlets communicating conservative thought.

Conservative opinion that is expressed in media is limited to a couple media networks, a few magazines and scattered AM radio talk-shows. That’s about it.

But, you would think that the conservatives possessed a tsunami-like control by the way that liberals scream against any voicing of conservative opinion. Why is it that the liberals cannot handle the 1000 to 1 ratio that they have over conservatives?

Is 100% control over all expressed opinions what they really want?

Progressives are like atheists protesting any mention of God. Which has never made a lick of sense. Because, if God really doesn’t exist, what are they worried about? If He is no more real than the Easter Bunny, what’s the big deal?

They are like the college students that live in a liberal bubble in their so-called institutions of higher learning. They are unable to function unless they are protected in  a “safe space”. A space where nothing might upset their liberal, religious vibe.

Which is the exact opposite of what colleges are supposed to provide!

To Silence Conservatism

All my life, liberalism has controlled the media. Even when I was a kid watching Walter Cronkite, I really don’t think I was getting a conservative view. Sometimes a moderate view maybe; but still controlled out of LA, New York and Chicago. Which are the centers of liberal thinking.

As an example, National Public Radio likes to tout their “All Things Considered” program. Which should be more accurately titled, “All Liberal Things Considered”.

It just sounds more tolerant and intellectual to pretend that they are actually taking conservative thinking into account. With free reign to propagandize college students in dorms across America, they try to create the illusion that they search widely for opinions and consider all sides.

In reality, they simply give 1,001 variations of liberal opinion. Presenting conservative ideas as extreme and destructive. Making the average conservative appear as a rabid, hate-filled nut-job.

And most college students lap it up. Believing that listening to NPR has made them more informed, well-rounded, intellectually-honest scholars.

The Myth of the Well-Rounded Graduate

The young liberals today believe they are very well educated, very intelligent, very savvy, very tolerant, and very sensitive.

Yet, most of what I see is pretty much the opposite of that. What they have in common is often an emotional, chaotic and volatile type of thinking. Very easily manipulated by the liberal media and the University culture.

These graduates are like a product fabricated on a mass-production line. The schools and the media are the factories. All producing a predictably deficient product. Each college offering slightly different packaging; yet spitting out the same basic widget.

Leaving each student believing he is a brave individualist marching to his own drummer. Emerging from college as an heroic, existential, free thinker ready to fight against the evil forces of conservatism.

A Pause . . . 

Now, I know that there are many young people that do not think this way. Or who simply are unsure what to think in this current firestorm. They have somehow navigated the propaganda stream that has inundated them since childhood and come through it all in one piece. 

My heart goes out to them. They are in the minority. And they will need our support. 

But it is often difficult to reach the others whose intellectual pride refuses to deal with us lesser mortals. They lack the humility that hard times, disappointments and reality brings.

Even many of the older baby-boomers exhibit this pride as well. Who now embrace the corruption that they once marched against in the 60s. Who have simply discovered new ways to do the same old crap that they used to hate.

All the while, believing themselves to be better people than those they used to hate.

So, what can one say to this? How can we talk to the very young? How can we help them to see the truth?

A Frightening Comparison

I have been reading lately about the French Revolution. And also about the rise of Nazism in Germany. It is amazing how much of the philosophy of those terrible regimes has found a new home in America. Revealing itself with new and vibrant expression in the Progressive movement.

While the modern Progressive ideology doesn’t take the same shape and form as those older regimes, the hatred and fascism is the same. There is the same belief in the power of the State (which is really what fascism is). The same rejection of biblical authority. The same hatred for all things Christian. The same push for subservience to the collective good versus individual rights. The same hatred for traditional morality.

I bring up fascism because you hear that term used constantly by the Left to cast hatred against the Right. Declaring those on the Right to be fascists. And even calling Trump supporters, Republicans and Conservatives Nazis.

This collective stupidity is the result of a lack of historical understanding. Contrary to the popular spin, the fascist parties rarely came out of the Right of the political spectrum. Hitler and Mussolini were Leftists. They did not promote any of the conservative ideas we see today. Instead, they were eerily in line with the same philosophies and political theories pushed by the modern Progressives and academic professors.

Even promoting many of the same social causes popular today among the Left.

Many young adults as well as baby boomers have an infatuation with themselves. They are absolutely convinced of the purity of their own good intentions (a paraphrase from Liberal Fascism, by Jonah Goldberg).

Most of whom are unreachable through reasonable dialogue and discussion.

Time is Running Out

My guess is that we don’t have much time left to reach them.

If they lose another election, it may set a terrible wheel in motion. The wisdom of the founders in constructing the Electoral College to defend against mob rule is lost on those who have traded reason for emotionalism. With those who are determined, at all cost, to see their political, social and religious revolution begin.

Just as the masses chose to enforce their greater will or public will with the French Revolution.

When it comes, in the US, it will not begin as a result of terrible famine, poverty or injustice — which the French certainly experienced — but due to a famine of a different kind.

It will be a famine of hearing and considering the words of God; a famine of rational thinking; and a famine of thankfulness for all the blessings God has given to America.

We can only pray that God will give us more time to reach those that can be reached before the Lord Himself shuts the door.

If we still have the time.

“And, behold, I come quickly; and my reward is with me, to give every man according as his work shall be.” (Revelation 22:12)


Recommended: Check out Jonah Goldberg’s book, Liberal Fascism. It is a thick, reference work that will greatly help in understanding the many social and political movements in our country over the last 100 years. Indispensable!