Kendall Clouds Very Close

God didn’t need 6 days to create the universe. He didn’t even need 6 seconds. Nevertheless, he chose to use that specific, limited number of days. No more and no less.

The Limitations of Man

Now man is different. He needs at least 6 Billion years to do anything that amazing. In fact, just to figure out how God did His work in 6 days, man would need 6 Trillion years. Then man would be in trouble.

Because he wouldn’t be able to do what God did in the way He did it.

It’s a power, and strength, and wisdom and infinity problem. For man, that is.

So there you go. There just isn’t enough time for evolution or any other process to have occurred that man might conjure up to explain it all. The processes that man understands will always take more time. Man places all his faith in time.

Basically playing the odds of time and chance.

But Creation is all about God. Man had nothing to do with it.

And that simple fact, will always bite and chew at the pride of man. Because we are just finite creatures. Limited by gravity and time and space. And not enough intelligence to figure out what really happened.

At least to figure it all out by our own methods and cleverness. We are like a baboon trying to contemplate the intricacies of the space shuttle. There’s no way.

At least the baboon might be able to figure out how to eat the banana paste in the shuttle cupboards. But, the natural man will never really grasp the depths and wonder of God’s handiwork. Man will make a momentous discovery and strut up to the stage looking for God’s intellectual-achievement award; only to discover that man’s understanding in comparison to God’s mind is like a grain of sand in a vast desert.

A million years from now, God will still be revealing the amazing depths of His wisdom, glory and love to us. And it will never get old. It will always be new and awesome.

Darkness at Noon

This week, as we think of Him and those moments when He hung on the cross for us, remember that it is His infinite character and Person that enabled Him to do this. The pure, infinite and eternal nature of Christ allowed Him to “become sin for us“.

That transaction that changed history occurred in about 3 hours. When the whole world was plunged into darkness. As if God pulled a massive, black curtain over the world to conceal the unspeakable suffering of His Son.

If you unable to accept a 6-day creation? How about a 3-hour period where the Eternal God offered Himself for the sins of the whole world?

Both are beyond the limitations of science to explain.

The Creator of all things suffered for the sins of His creatures.

The Lord has completed the work for us — the work of Creation and the work of Salvation.

Our part is to believe Him and to rest upon that work.