Bible Jar Card

What or whom do you worship?

Everyone makes a choice. It is unavoidable.

That is one thing you cannot escape in this life. You are faced with a choice. Some think they can delay this choice. Put it off for another time. Play it safe. Take the middle road. Keep your options open.


The items on the “worship menu” are limitless. They include Self, Intellect, Respectability, Status, Wealth, Formal Education, Popularity, Fame, A well-rounded Intellect, World-Travel Experience, Professional Accomplishment, Power, Sexual Prowess or Conquest, Creative Skills, Scientific Understanding, Publishing Success, Church Size, Physical Attractiveness, Religious Performance, Religious status.

You get the idea.

But add another item to that; Will Worship. The reverence of one’s own will power. The supposed ability to make things happen by the power of the will. The ability to imagine or visualize goals and achieve them. Possibly altruistic goals. Even great humanitarian goals. To harness the “Secret Law of Attraction.” To Think and Grow Rich.

This idea flows from the basic premise that one does not need Christ; just one’s own determination, hard work and mental strength. This is often the God of Choice for the person that has had a lot of very fortunate things occur in his life. Who just keeps falling into better and better deals.

This is the guy we often don’t understand HOW he keeps having such fortunate success. Who seems to accomplish anything he sets his mind to do.

But that is an illusion.

In truth, his success is due purely to the grace of God. He has been allowed to achieve success because, within the sovereign knowledge of God, even a man of unbelief can be used of God for some unknown, eternal purpose.

There are many men in history that have fallen into that trap. They conquered the whole world, achieved amazing levels of success and popularity, amassed unbelievable wealth, built huge, worldwide ministries. But ultimately, they gained the whole world and lost their own souls.

So then it is not of him that willeth, nor of him that runneth, but of God that sheweth mercy. (Romans 9:16)

In the end, we all must come to God by faith alone. Looking for His mercy alone. We must come humbly and in repentance. We much reach the end of our own will, our own self righteousness, our own self worship.

In the simplest terms, life is a series of spiritual choices. Your decisions today will prepare a new list of options open for you tomorrow. But some choices may never be offered again. You might say it is the ultimate INTERACTIVE experience. With eternal consequences.