Silvercreek Mist

For with thee is the fountain of life: in thy light shall we see light. (Psalm 36:9)

Without the light of the sun and moon, our world would dwell in darkness. And then, without some artificial light or flame to create a fire, we would have no light at all.

This is the most basic state of man. That he is dependent upon light. And not just any light. It must be of the proper type and intensity to make things grow and to keep the world at the proper tolerable temperatures for survival.

Man is a totally dependent creature that lives in denial of that dependency. He has grown arrogant and proud in his comfortable state. Technology has given him a false sense of security and dominion over this world. He believes himself to be a god in this world.

However, if a clever enemy decided to explode two or three EMP weapons high above the US atmosphere, the resulting cascading waves would fry all electronic chips throughout the North American continent. In an instant, our country would descend into the Dark Ages. This is how vulnerable we are. And recovery from such an event might not even be possible.

So we are not as invulnerable as we think. Our general culture, and especially the young, live in an artificial bubble. They have become totally dependent upon their media devices for communication, entertainment and emotional support. It is virtually impossible to interact with the young today, even during a work day, without their constant need to check the latest communication from friends. They are continually seeking something else somewhere else.

As Moths to a Flame

Still others, both young and old, seek to “purify their souls” through deep immersion in the wonders of the natural world. But, even there, their souls remain empty. Faith in Christ, as Lord and Creator of this universe, has been replaced with the worship of nature.

The gods of this New Pantheistic Age promise a New Light. This New Light provides many profound and deep spiritual experiences. These are often life changing experiences. Those who “open themselves up” often find direct contact with real spiritual entities. Entities that travel across virtually all religions and cultures of the world.

But the True Light differs from these angels of Light. One is Christ. The others are Satan and  his fallen angels. One is the true source of all light. The others are counterfeit.

The Fountain of Life

The above verse reveals that all that is true and bright and real is found in Christ. He not only brings Light but is the ultimate source of it. In other words, He is the very definition of all that light is. He is not just one source among many, but the very fountainhead of all light both physical and spiritual.

Someday, every believer will thrill in wonder when they see Christ upon His throne. And around His throne will be a rainbow. His Light will stream out to all who love and worship Him. His glory will create the most amazing rainbow ever seen surrounding, weaving, swirling and flowing from Him who is the Light of the World.