Dog Cliff Warning

More and more I hear of supposed Christians who doubt the literal accuracy of Genesis. They have taken a position that the Bible needs to be interpreted more loosely. That a thinking man cannot be expected to accept a view of the world’s origin that flies in such direct contradiction to popular scientific thought.

The only part of that which I can agree with is that the Biblical record is in direct contradiction to popular scientific thought. Absolutely. There is no meshing of the two together. And I am increasingly irritated by the cowardice of professed believers that cannot decide if the words of God are pure words, allegories, fables, moral stories or historical records.

Some believers, especially scientifically trained ones, are tripping over their own intellect. They believe that the Gospel is being rejected by scientific and intellectual people because Christians are too narrow in their teaching on Genesis. They suggest that the Gospel must be trimmed down to include only that which is absolutely necessary. Their reasoning is that more people will be won to Christ if this is done.

In I John 5: 10 -11, it says that men did not believe “the record that God gave of His Son”.

Jesus said in John 5:44-47, “How can ye believe, which receive honour one of another, and seek not the honour that cometh from God only? Do not think that I will accuse you to the Father: there is one that accuseth you, even Moses, in whom ye trust.  For had ye believed Moses, ye would have believed me: for he wrote of me. But if you believe not his writings, how shall ye believe my words?”

All the Bible Speaks of Jesus Christ

Think of that, Moses wrote about Jesus Christ starting in Genesis. This record of God’s Son begins with Genesis 1:1 and continues through to Revelation 22:21. There is no “on/off” accuracy or ending of that record. It is all accurate. It is all inspired — God breathed. We cannot pick and choose what we can accept and what we will reject. The scriptures cannot be broken.

As an example, how do you think death came into the world?

Death does not just apply to spiritual death but to the whole universal catastrophe of death’s corrupting process upon all of Creation.

If you are an evolutionist, a “theistic evolutionist”, a “progressive creationist” or some other day-age creationist, you must believe that Genesis is not accurate. That it, at the very least, cannot be taken literally at the very start. So you are then tasked with explaining every reference throughout the scriptures that refers back to Genesis 1 as if it were an historical record. And you must become the sole arbiter in determining when the Bible is literal and when it is “something else”.

The Foundation of the Gospel

The Gospel is absolutely dependent upon the belief that Genesis 1 is historical. That Adam was a specific person, created by God in perfection. That Adam lived an existence where he was in perfect communion with God. That he lived in a perfect world without sin or death.

But Adam chose to disobey God in believing he could be independent of God and even be as God.

That is the origin of sin. It brought physical and spiritual death to Adam, to Eve and all of Creation. All of the Gospel is based upon this. This historical fact. It is for this sin that Christ came to die. Death started with the sin of Adam. Not before.

Why would Christ die for something that was a myth? Why would God create a loose myth as the foundation for the most serious of all concerns of life and death?

If Genesis is not accurate in a literal sense, most of the Bible is of little use. Then we should stop referring to Christ as the Second Adam. And sin did not bring death. Death was already here and part of the process of life. To be embraced as a natural process.

Therefore, no worries.

A Convenient Fiction

Evolution is based upon death as the mechanism of change which was in effect in the very beginning. Death, along with random selection, operated over a landscape of blood and suffering that would span millions of years. All starting with some magic goop that came from an unknown primordial mix. Death, to an evolutionist, is intrinsic to all that would occur at every level from protein organization to molecular construction to every other stage as amoebas strive to ascend toward man.

If that had occurred, beneath our feet must be hundreds of feet of fossil remains showing millions of years of micro-molecular evolutionary changes. One micro change after the other crunching beneath us and saturating the dust that we breathe. Everywhere and undeniable.

Nothing of the sort exists.

A billion rocks and bones in a million university research labs does not constitute evidence proving evolution. A specimen in a drawer is of no real value if it is not correctly interpreted in light of what is truly known. Truly known. Theory is not truth. Just a convenient fiction.

In truth, the rocks and the stones cry out to us that God is the Creator. He made the heaven and the earth in six days. But He probably didn’t need that. He could have chosen to do it in six micro-seconds. But the six days would be used to establish many other truths and patterns in our lives that would be established for all time. For our benefit.

Scientific honesty demands that all of us are honest about what we know and what we theorize. None of us truly knows HOW God did all He did. There are countless questions and mysteries of a scientific nature that God has given for us to explore.

My guess is that we will still be studying this a million years from today. Even then, God will still be revealing amazing “scientific” truths to us. And a million years after that He will reveal more. He is wonderfully unsearchable beyond all that man will ever know. Eternity will never be boring.

And even in some far distant, eternal age ahead, the Bible will still say, “six days.”

All the evolutionists and day-age religionists will have no doubts then. Because, like us all, they will find themselves standing before God and judged by His Word. Not just the “essence of truth” or by general doctrinal ideas. But by the very specific words of God. Given and preserved for all generations.

So, I will just take God’s word for it. Because He was there.